When it comes to dating, I say, throw out the rule book.

The Masons are a mysterious and sacred order who put much stock in the ritual significance of the corner stone to determine the overall essence of a building. The cornerstone of my practice is that there are “no rules” when it comes dating. The first thing I teach is to throw out the rules we’ve been taught about how dating and relationships work and begin to live by our internal compass. When I work with you there is no magic formula I use. I listen to you and I listen to my instincts and we work together to form your personal relationship template.

I believe strongly that each successive relationship stands on the shoulders of the last relationship. Each relationship is a learning experience. It is important to have each experience build on the last one because in this way no relationship is a failure. You learn and you grow through every relationship.

You could be any age and not know how to date because you have a set of rules in your head about how things should be in the dating world. I have found women over thirty have this belief in their head that there are “rules”, that there are “steps”, that there are “things” you’re not supposed to do, that there are “shoulds”.

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