Happiness Is Already Stored In Your Heart, Just Open It

heart holds memories

Our bodies store memories of happiness that are just waiting to be relived again.

Indulge me for a moment. Think back on a memory where your heart was so full that it spilled over and flooded every cell of your being with happiness, joy, laughter, bliss, passion or pleasure of some sort. I like to call these nuggets of emotional gold "positive cellular memories". It seems fitting because recalling them literally begins to change your cellular structure. You can feel your face brightening, your lips curling up to make a smile and your shoulders lowering as the comforting happiness floods in with the memory. Any time you need to, your mind can tap into your heart space and waiting there is an abundance of happiness and positive cellular memory. You are indeed a miraculous creature if you can create happiness moment by moment, and if necessary, also call upon happiness that you already stored inside you.

Most versions of happiness start within your heart space. People who have a spiritual or religious practice tend to spend a great amount of time tapped into their heart. They create an internal and external heart-centered dialogue as they communication with the divine, God, source, angels, guides or whatever vocabulary they associate with their religious or spiritual faith. It is in the heart that you find a wellspring of joy. If you spend your time heart-centered, then happiness is sure to follow.

Whether you are religious, spiritual or have no opinion on the matter, I believe you were meant to experience great happiness. Your heart is at the center of creating happiness in your life. Listen and let it fill every cell of who you are. After all, you are the only you this world will ever know. Your unique version of how to be happy with yourself serves not only you, but also humanity as a whole.