Do You Need To Be De-Hypnotized?


Hypnosis: taboo or simply misunderstood?

When I was in school to become a hypnotherapist, I learned that the majority of people walk through life in a trance — literally hypnotized. Constant overstimulation induces hypnosis, and we're bombarded by the same suggestive messages over and over again — that the world is not a safe place, that we don't have enough money, that we are too old, too young, too fat, too skinny — on television, in magazines, by friends and family. Hypnosis 101

We are conditioned from birth to assume other people's beliefs, attitudes, and even their health patterns. However, once we become aware of our  own conditioning, we can begin to change it using a method of de-hypnotizing I use with clients in my private hypnotherapy practice. The process begins with acknowledging our feelings. Then, the goal is to make choices based on what is right and good for us instead of based on what we are conditioned to believe is best. For instance, consider how often you agree to do something despite knowing you don't have the time or energy for it? Or, consider how frequently you have bought something because it was the less expensive option even though the more expensive one was only a few extra bucks and it was really what you wanted or needed?  4 Quick Ways To Pamper Yourself

Underlying this pattern is the belief that our own feelings are unimportant. This pattern is destructive and unloving, and this belief is not true. It does not make us better people. In fact, when we dishonor ourselves, we have less to offer others. We become moody, disempowered, depressed, unhealthy and ultimately, we defeat our best intentions. This type of thinking is learned — and it can be unlearned.

Some of our conditioning doesn't even make sense. For instance, does eating every bite of food on our plates despite being full feed the world's starving children? Of course not! Is it really more honorable or spiritual to be poor rather than rich? No! It is time to de-hypnotize ourselves and become empowered to make healthy, self-honoring choices that allow us to feel good and to be more valuable to our families and our society.

What if we let go of negative, disempowering conditioning? What if we de-hypnotized ourselves, and thereby allow ourselves to live up to our true potential? So much more becomes possible. I challenge you to consider the false beliefs that stifle you. Decide to take control of your own destiny. If a one-armed man can climb a mountain and a blind-deaf-mute person can inspire millions of people, then you too can create an incredible life!

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