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I work with people who are ready to live their Truth.

I read the laws of your life as they are laid out in the Ancient Book of Life.  Based purely on the mathematics of your date of birth, I read for you:

* What your true purpose is in this lifetime

* What your keys to financial abundance are

* How to have healthy relationships

* What your shadow side is that can sabotage you

* The greatest gift you are here to give

I give you clarity to see your life as it is.  The clarity gives you the power to create the life you really want.

About Alexander Dunlop

I work with people who are ready to live their Truth.

My name is Alexander Hamilton Dunlop

I am a Harvard graduate and former Wall Street Consultant who wanted more out of life.  Now, I help other people get more out of life too.  I teach people to give their true gift.

Once upon a time, before my corporate life, I was preparing to be a Roman Catholic Priest.  After Wall Street, I traveled to India, lived in Ashrams, and was initiated as a Swami.  (I currently apprentice to Shamanic healers.)

After India, my next venture was to co-found a holistic cleansing center, which was very successful.  But, it was still not my deepest passion.

I wanted to help people create the meaning of their lives.  And then one day, I found myself at a loft party in Brooklyn.  There, an old friend introduced me to the real meaning of the playing cards.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.  After studying so many different spiritual paths, it amazed me how enlightening the cards are.  And growing up, I had always loved playing cards.

It’s like the story of the Alchemist:  I searched high and low for spiritual truth all over the world only to discover it was with me the whole time, right under my nose.

Most people don’t know that the so-called “ordinary” deck of playing cards is actually the Ancient Book of Life.  They’ve been hidden in plain sight all these years.  They’re not to play poker.  They’re to play the game of life.

In these cards, based purely on mathematics, we clearly see our life path, our purpose, our biggest challenge, our karmic lessons, our relationship patterns, our keys to financial abundance, our shadow side, and our biggest reward in this lifetime.

It’s no wonder that we have expressions from these cards built into our vocabulary, like “find out what’s in the cards for us” or “play our cards right.”

Alexander Dunlop Success Stories

Spiritual Nutrition


Alexander’s coaching has provided me with unexpected insight into my own drives, quirks, and tendencies. He has helped me leverage–rather than fight–those maddening differences in others. After four months of coaching, I’ve shed 12 lbs., expanded my business by 30%, and found romance in the most surprising way. And he’s helped me do it all with delight, ease, and utter liberation.
— Jean Tang, CEO of MarketSmithsmore

I went home and I was weeping tears of joy as I shared with my boyfriend what I learned. Everything you revealed for me was painfully and beautifully true.  With your guidance, I am now making much better choices in my life, taking good care of myself for once! And now, whenever I need a reminder, I just close my eyes and I see my Cards laid out for me and it fills me with such joy! Thank you Alexander!
— Chellise Michael, Owner of Chellise Michael Photography.

No other coaching, programs or therapies offer the level of guidance, support, and clarity that Alexander provides. His insights and infinite wisdom set a big vision and clear path for anyone seeking truth about their life. With patience and light humor, I felt completely taken care of while having the most important conversations of my life. Alexander’s gift is helping me realize my own.
— Anura Desai, Founder & Director of Desai Health and Wellness

It has been a true life-changing experience. I got not only the confidence to achieve all that I am aiming to achieve, but the tools necessary to do so. I can confidently say that Alexander is the one ‘guide’ I have met in my life who has helped transform me into a more powerful, complete, joyful person. He defines what is a “Gift” to those he touches.
— Kristine Szabo, Model & Entrepeneur


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