4 Steps To True Love On Valentines Day


Reclaiming Valentine's Day As A Thanksgiving Holiday for Real Love

2. Speak out the love. With your awareness on your heart, breathing into your heart, say out loud the words, "I love you." Easy right? Wrong. It's amazing how difficult it is for people to say "I love you" even when no-one is listening. Practice saying it outloud. Use different funny voices if you want. Say it like Christopher Walken. Just say it. Get it out of your mouth.


3. Tell your friends and family how much they mean to you. This can mean simply telling them you love them. That works. Call or write and tell them you love them. Good. Done. It isn't rocket science. It doesn't have to be dramatic. The action speaks volumes.

4. Forgive anyone you need to forgive in step 3. This might be a little harder. Keep in mind what the word forgive means. It means to give first, like pre-giving. It's not post-giving, after the fact. It's pre-giving. So, it means something like giving way at a stop sign. You give way first. You let go first. You give them love before they have given you love.

And, if you can do step 4, then you are on your way to being a Valentine's Day Champion.

Let's remake the meaning of Valentine's Day. Let's make it into a feast of love in our lives, like a banquet table at Thanksgiving Day, except it's all love.

I think it's time the holiday of Valentine's Day grew up and became a healthy adult, don't you?


Alexander Dunlop is a Spiritual Coach who empowers you to win the game of your life. He works with people who are ready to live their truth, people like you who want clear answers for their lives.  He is the founder and director of The Center for Spiritual Nutrition.