4 Steps To True Love On Valentines Day


Reclaiming Valentine's Day As A Thanksgiving Holiday for Real Love

Do you remember Valentine's Day growing up? I do. I remember all the angst of swapping heart-shaped candies and sappy cards with my peers in class. It was a ritual at my elementary and middle-school for all the kids to exchange candies and cards. You do remember those heart-shaped candies that taste like chalk with stamped sayings on them like 'be mine' right?

How traumatizing it was to exchange candies that said things like 'let's cuddle' or 'hottie.' And then trying to find that perfect one to share with the girl who I actually did have a crush on... sheepishly handing her the one that said 'let's kiss.'

Of course, there was always one person who didn't get any candy exchanges, and feeling bad for him, I'd quickly trying to come up with a candy and card to give him. And the best I could do was a candy that said 'best friends forever.'

It was all stamped in adolescent insecurity and uncertainty. It always left me feeling bad somehow, like how I might feel if I ate a whole bag of those heart-shaped candies.

I feel like Valentine's Day has remained that way in our culture. It's stamped with those same adolescent urges and immature desires.

Isn't Valentine's Day really a holiday to celebrate love? It's like Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving, we give thanks for what we have. Perhaps on Valentine's Day, what we could do is give love to the people in our life who we love.

Let's make Valentine's Day into a holiday to celebrate love in our life.

I propose 4 Steps to make Valentine's Day a Holiday of True Love. Let's help the holiday grow up to become a mature adult version of itself.

1. Bring our awareness to our heart. Let's take the opportunity to simply be aware of our heart-space, that big space at the center of our chest. And let's practice taking heart-opening breaths. For those of you who know Yoga, you'll know what I mean. Simply arch your back open and lift up your rib cage as if someone is pulling your heart up with a string. And breathe.


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