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About Alex Matlock

Who am I?

My name is Alex Matlock, I live in London,United Kingdom and I am the person behind TheSingleWomanGuide.com

Right now I’m working towards getting my PHD in Social Psychology and my focus is towards male and female relationships. Not only do I know “relationships” I also know a lot about the male and female psychology.

Apart from writing on YourTango, I also write for a number of other popular Women’s Online Magazines and Online Newsletters.

My Story

Everything started 6 years ago when I was in my first year at University. At that age I had a lot of trouble relating to women. I wasn’t even able to talk to women, let alone get a girlfriend and this made me feel incredibly frustrated.

After about a year I eventually had enough of this lifestyle and decided to make a change. I became obsessed with this, I was going out every single night trying to improve my interactions with women, I studied incredibly hard and I even decided to pursue

Social Psychology as my field of choice because it will allow me to better understand our relationships. But I didn’t stop there, I even moved into a house with 3 girls to better understand the female condition.

Now, over 6 years have past.

You see, I didn’t start out coaching women in their love lives. I started by working with guys. In fact I’ve helped thousands of guys succeed with women. I even wrote a book about it and sold thousands of copies all around the world.

But, as much as I focused on helping men, I started to realize that it was the women I loved that I really wanted to help. I had grown up watching women I cared about make the same mistakes and get hurt by men over and over again, and it drove me crazy.

The more I coached guys, the more I learned what these women could do to make guys want to take them out, treat them with respect, and get into serious relationships with them. There were things they could do that would make guys ask the ultimate question…”Will you marry me?”

While coaching guys I began to realize that most women were either doing too little or too much. There were women that were so passive and scared that nothing ever happened for them. There were others who put their heart on the line every time, but just ended up coming of as desperate and scared guys away.

You see, a few years ago I remember a woman walking into a bar that immediately grabbed my attention.

Her body language and the way she looked at me immediately caught my attention and made me walk over there without a second thought and start talking to her. In the first 30 seconds of speaking with her I could tell she wasn’t just the average woman. Within 5 minutes I had asked for her number, and couldn’t wait to see her again.

Within just a few dates I began actively trying to move us towards the relationship stages. Withing a matter of weeks we were in a relationship and to tell you the truth at that stage in my life I didn’t even think I wanted a relationship.

It blew me away to see how all of this happened so fast. The question is, how did this woman do it?

Firstly, she wasn’t a supermodel. In fact if you saw a picture of her you probably wouldn’t have seen her as anything special. But to me she was a goddess.

Throughout my life I have watched as women did the exact opposite of everything this woman did. This is what finally motivated me to start helping women. I first helped all the ones I care about and now I’m sharing my knowledge with the world.

Why TheSingleWomanGuide.com?

Because I’ve accumulated so much knowledge regarding this subject I wanted to share it with the world. Currently, I can’t think of a better way to share information than through a website. This allows women like you, all over the world to visit and take advantage of the FREE information that I have available. So I must ask you..

  •         Do you ever find like you never seem to meet any great guys?
  •         Do you always seem to get attention from the guys that you don’t want?
  •         Or even if you find someone you like, you can’t get them to notice you…
  •         Have you ever dated someone you liked only to find that after a couple of dates they disappear without a trace?
  •         Maybe you’re even seeing someone right now but can’t get him to commit to anything more than a casual thing…
  •         Are you sick of people telling you the same old clichés like “Just be yourself”?
  •         Are you sick of guys not raising to your expectations or even worse you feel like you don’t even have expectations any more…
  •     You probably hate it even more when people say: “I can’t believe you’re still singe”

If any of this is something that you can relate to, this website is for you. I’m happy you’re here because we can change all that – this site is going to teach you how to find, attract and keep the man you want. This website is not just for single women because it focuses on the entire stages of our relationships and there’s always something new to learn.

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