Why Doesn't He Love Me Back? 18 Reasons And Solutions

why doesn't he love me back?
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Is your dream guy just not that into you? Find out how to deal with any excuse he has.

13. You're suffocating him. If you're with him day in and day out, holding on to his arm, breathing his air and genuinely suffocating him with your affection, then you might actually be freaking the guy out. Personally, this is my type of woman—it might be down to some sort of mommy issues—but, not all guys are like me. Try to control yourself and appear less infatuated if you want him to notice you.

14. There's a big age difference. You might think that this guy is great, but if you're only 18 and he's 28, chances are he's not going to be interested. Regardless of what you think you know about life, sex and relationships, to him, you're just a kid. Usually, guys that date much younger girls (18-21) are guys that can't date girls his age. That should tell you a lot. If it's the other way around, often times guys ask themselves the question: why is she still single at 35? They think that there must be something wrong with you and that turns them off.

15. He needs time. This one is very common with "great catches." Usually, guys that understand what a relationship implies and how to treat a woman are also the guys that run companies and have demanding jobs. A guy like this has some very clear priorities. Unfortunately, in most cases, love comes second to his career. If you've got a guy like this, you can either trick him into a relationship (which will be a very imbalanced relationship) or leave him on the spot and go search for a guy that has time to properly cherish you. Many of these guys are and will be married to their careers their whole life. They may seem great from the outside but once you get inside, you'll see that many of the things that make a relationship great, are probably missing from your life.

16. He thinks hot girls aren't good girlfriends. A very common misconception amongst “weak” males. Because they rarely have the chance to be in the presence of a gorgeous woman, they automatically assume beautiful women are not worth it. This is usually down to the fact that he hasn’t had much success with a woman like you and as a result he feels a sort of hate towards you. Forget about this looser and get yourself a real man!

17. He's scared to ask you out. Again, in my personal opinion, if a man can't prove his role as a man, then he isn't a man. Thus, if a guy can't ask you out because he's too unsure about himself, then he's not a good man for you.

18. He knows he can have you. This is a huge turn-off for guys. A man knows he "has" you when one of two things happens: either you're available all the time or you make the mistake of letting him know that you want him badly. I don't know what is it with most men, but when they know they can have you, they lose interest. You can resolve this by giving him the constant impression that you are seeing someone else and that you've always got a full schedule. I know this may be hard to do because all you want is to spend as much time with him, but resist your desires in order for things to progress smoothly. However, if you're feelings for him are so strong that you simply must have this man, then ask him out yourself (just know that your relationship will have this same dynamic with you being the one in control of things).

The above are very common reasons why any particular guy might not be into you or might give you the impression that he isn't into you. Ideally, if your potential guy is doing any of these, the best thing you can do is forget about him since there's plenty of other guys out there that are ready to give you want you want!

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