Why Doesn't He Love Me Back? 18 Reasons And Solutions

why doesn't he love me back?
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Is your dream guy just not that into you? Find out how to deal with any excuse he has.

Unfortunately it's not always how you want it to be. You might be into some guy but for some reason he's just not into you. You'll first give him little hints about how you feel (not telling him bluntly) and expect him to do the same but even with this effort it seems that this guy is either not getting it or isn't into you.

Usually, the best option would be to get over him and move on, since he's obviously not able to see what's in front of his face and why should you care if he's missing out on something so wonderful (you)? Unfortunately, sometimes things aren't as easy so you'd feel a lot better if you knew exactly why this is happening. It's true that all guys are different, but often enough, it's going to come down to one of the following 18 reasons.

1. You're trying too hard to have him. In your attempts to seduce this one particular man you might come of as very needy. This is a major turn-off for men especially if they believe that they can have you at any given time. Men love the chase so it's best to let them do the chasing ... give him little hints but never go for him all the way as that will push him away.

2. You're not his kind of girl. Many times women get offended when a guy just doesn't like her. It doesn't matter what it is, you may just not be the right girl for him. Don't let this get to you and certainly do not change for any guy. Move on until the right one comes by. To help you get through this, think of all the guys you dated, but just didn't like for whatever reason and you'll see that it's the same with women.

3. He only sees you as a friend. In your presence, does this guy talk about other girls he likes? Does he give you details about his conquests? When this happens, it's obvious that you two are just friends. He may have put you in the friend zone, but it's also possible that you declined his initial advancements and allowed for the relationship to evolve like this, only to later discover that you actually like him.

4. He's into another woman. You can't expect to instantly notice if he's a quality guy and sometimes you notice it too late. Know that he may be already infatuated by someone else or he might even be in a committed relationship. If this is the case, give it time as things might change in your favor, but ideally, you should move on. Keep reading...

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