12 Foreplay Moves That Will Drive Your Man Wild

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Want to spice things up but don't know where to start? Read these 12 tips.

8. The No Hands Game

This is a fantastic and fun game to play in the bedroom. Ask your guy to do anything he wants to you but he can't use his hands. Believe me, the added challenge will make it exciting and just so much more fun.

9. Temperature is arousing

That’s right, take advantage of the effects temperature has on one’s senses. Heat him up by blowing some hot air on his chests (in a sensual way, of course) and then cool him down by lying him on his back and using an ice cube all over his body. These temperature changes will drive him wild.

10. Talk dirty

Although this may come natural to some women, the majority struggle with it. To make it easy for you, do a search online for some standard lines and then say them when the time is right (during sex…that is). Example:
"Do you like that baby?", "That feels soo good". You can always add in a few moans and "yes"-es and you’re good to go. Before you know it you’ll be a master at dirty talking and you’re guy is going to be begging you for sex.

11. Use a blindfold

Although men are visual creatures, the fact of NOT KNOWING what’s going to happen drives us crazy. So, if you want to turn your guy on, blindfold him then play with his senses. Run your hands all over him, let him feel your warm breath over him, the silk of your lingerie and when he least expects it, go down on him then, stop abruptly and go back to gently teasing him. To add some extra flavor, tie his hands so he can’t control anything that’s going on. The suspense of your next move will kill him (in a good way).

12.   Experiment

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment. Your guy expects you to be doing sex related stuff as much as he is, change things up and show him that you’ve got what it takes. Push the boundaries if you can, you never know what results that might bring you.

So, the next time you guys are in bed, don’t just go for the mini him. Surprise him and tease him, it will do you wonders.

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