10 Easy Ways To Help You Feel Desirable and Sexy Every Day

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Feeling better about yourself is the key to happiness and dating success.

How you feel about yourself radiates from within and spreads to the people around you. If you're miserable and don't love yourself, you can't expect anyone around you to feel differently. If you want to be desired and want to be seen as sexy, you must first work on feeling desirable and sexy yourself. This article is here to show you 10 easy ways to help you feel desirable and sexy every day.

1. Like Yourself
You are an amazing woman and you should know it. It doesn't matter if you're not happy with the way you look, where you are in your career, how your love life is going, the fact of the matter is that you are still amazing and you should never forget it. The biggest and most important part about loving yourself is actually making an effort to love yourself. Know your strengths and think about them every day. Know the things that make you amazing and love yourself for having them.

2. Dress sexy
Wear the clothes you like but more importantly where the clothes that make you feel sexy and confident. Make an effort to never leave the house in your sweat pants (even if it's just around the corner). The more you get used to dressing sexy the more you'll actually start to feel sexy. It's a proven fact.

3. Smell great all the time
You've got 20 different fragrances on your make-up table. How about you start using them every day? Smelling great will always help you feel sexy. Use your fragranced body lotions after each shower as it will make you feel like a pampered queen. Not only will you feel sexy but the fantastic smell you leave behind will always have heads turning.

4. Look like you've just stepped out of the salon
Never give yourself the opportunity of feeling awkward and insecure about your looks. Always put make-up on in the morning (if that makes you feel more sexy and confident), always leave the house looking live you've just stepped out of the salon.

5. Flirt with guys

That's right, one of the best ways to feel desirable and sexy is to actually let men tell you how desirable and sexy you actually are. Give guys a reason to talk to you. Smile at them, flirt with them for a bit and you'll see how this added attention makes you feel.

6. Party with your friends
Go out and party with your friends. Having a good time is absolutely key if you want to have a great attitude about yourself. Dress sexy, flirt with guys and you’ll see how great that makes you feel.

7. Make eye contact
Always look at the men you like. Give them a good stare and if they're man enough, they'll quickly come over for a chat. Eye contact is great even if you're already talking to him. It makes you look and feel a lot more confident and can quickly put you in charge of the interaction.

8. Wear sexy underwear
Never underestimate the power of the sexy underwear. It's not that other people may or may not see it, it's all about how you feel. Knowing that you've got that sexy red, laced underwear beneath your office clothes can make you feel sexy even in the most unappealing environments.

9. Widen your sexual horizons
You may think that being shy in bed is the right thing to do, or the sensible thing. You might even think that men enjoy that but they don't. In order to truly have a fantastic sexual experience, you need to be willing to try things that actually come natural. Try to have an open mind when it comes to sex and you'll quickly find that you'll enjoy your sexual experiences a lot more.

10. Enjoy the attention
The attention you get from men is the easiest and fastest way to feel better about yourself. Sure, it may be short term but it's a fantastic way to quickly feel desirable and sexy while gaining some more confidence on the way. If you see that men are giving you the looks, don't be shy about it, don't ignore them either, try to enjoy the attention you're getting as it's always going to help you feel better.

Remember that it's all in your head
As I've mentioned in the beginning, how you feel radiates from within. If you feel sexy and desirable then you will actually be sexy and desirable to others. Instead of overdoing it with makeup, skimpy clothes or flirty moves, learn to feel sexy about yourself by simply believing the fact that you're indeed sexy and desirable.

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