5 Unexpected Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive


These five tips aren't wonder cures, but add them up and they might work wonders.

Follow Your Nose
Aromatherapy can do more than help you relax during meditation. Certain smells can also increase your sex drive. Surprisingly, the smell of vanilla actually increases testosterone production in men, increasing their libido. Or at least in older men.

According to a 2010 study conducted by Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Research Center, the big winner for boosting penile blood flow overall was a combination of lavender ... and pumpkin pie.You'd think that women would be the ones latching on to the pretty smells but, not so much. In fact, one of the best aphrodisiacs for them is actually the smell of male sweat. That's where the pheromones that help dictate attraction are found. Of course, it really helps if it's the right man doing the sweating. Otherwise, it just stinks!


Chill Out
If there's one proven libido-killer out there, it's stress. If you aren't happy and aren't sleeping well, chances are, you won't feel like getting it on. This appears to be especially true for women. But getting your groove back on isn't the only reason to look for ways to kick stress to the curb; long-term stress can also damage your health. A little change in your life could make you feel not only better and healthier, but sexier too.

When it comes to boosting your sex drive, you don't have to stick to oysters and asparagus. There’s a world of very practical things you can do to put more spring in your step—and more sex in your life. And hey, if all you have to do is sleep naked or get in an extra workout here and there, it sure can't hurt to try.

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