Business Management

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25 years +


St-Laurent QC H4R 2A9 - Canada



Additional Expertise

Change Management Expert, Consultant, Leadership Coach, Organization, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

People working tohether as a team can make the impossible a daily reality that benefits everyone. TEAMWORK - ALIGNMENT - RESULTS

About Alain Gardner

I am the Team leadership development expert and founder of Gardner & Associates. With my team, we developed and proved a unique and proprietary team development process that yields benefits to business, to employees, to the clients they serve and to the owners of the business. We tested this approach around the world bringing success to over 100 happy client businesses. The benefits take multiple forms: they show up in employee and management engagement, in innovation and changes integration, in improved service to clients, in reduced costs, in growth opportunities for people and for business, in talent retention. We make sure these benefits track down to the bottom line of our clients’ financial statement.

For Human Resources specialists: Teamwork eliminates personality conflicts, clarifies career path to retain best talents, eliminates clans and internal “fighting”, addresses most performance issues, frees the way for full cooperation between people, between services, between departments, making the work environment fun and productive.

As a leader, you want to improve your team results, contact us for free 1st consultation.

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Our approach is rooted in science and its application in real life workplace, under the day-to-day pressure for results, performance and deadlines.  It has delivered and keeps delivering, giving our clients an unfair advantage over their competitors in their market.