Can A Counselor Help In My Relationship?

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Relationships are never easy and I don’t believe there is a perfect couple who never fights. Having problems in relationships is normal and healthy as long as we know how to deal with them. I recommend couples to first communicate with each other before deciding to take on therapy because communication serves as a foundation of all relationships. As a matter of fact, the basic aim of therapy is to bring couples together by teaching them to communicate with each other in a positive manner.

But what should you do if your partner doesn’t want to go to a counseling session or doesn’t seem to be realizing the problem? There is no doubt that taking the step towards seeking counseling for a relationship can prove to be very difficult because doing so would mean acknowledging the fact that something is terribly wrong with your relationship which is a tough and scary thing to admit for many of us.

Therefore, before proceeding to seek professional counseling for your relationship, here are some tricks that you can use to turn your relationship back to normal. 

1. Try not to push your partner to see a therapist. Forcing someone to talk about private problems is never a good idea. Try to talk to him first. 

2. Don’t blame him/her for everything. Admit that part of the issues is because of you and you would like to rectify your part and make the relationship work. 

3. Give him/her time to think. Don’t rush too much as you may end up doing more harm than good.

If any of these tips still don’t help, you can call a therapist and ask for advice. Sometimes a single counseling session is more effective than couples fighting and struggling to talk with some third person. The reason for this is that counseling provides education and assistance to couples which can help them regain trust for each other and equip them with the necessary tools and direction to handle future conflicts. The counselor provides a third-party perspective to the relationship which allows both partners to realize how they themselves are contributing to the problems in a relationship.  Moreover, counseling allows couples to not just fall back on what they know from their history and instead learn to make a conscious choice of communication style.

It is worth mentioning here that some of the issues we are having as couples are so insignificant that they don’t even need to be talked about. It is always better to leave them and move on. If the relationship between you two is falling apart, then it is advisable to seek professional help. Although most people tend to think that they will live happily ever after in a relationship,the truth is that breaking up is sometimes the best solution for both partners. 

Before you decide to fight, stress yourself and suffer in relationships, make that first step to get professional help and start talking to someone who can help you find happiness.

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