How to Own Your Feminine Power! Meet Rha Goddess


Rha Goddess, founder of Move the Crowd, is a woman who embodies the full range of feminine power.

Do you know how to “Move the Crowd”?

We have many misconceptions about what feminine power is. We have been taught that feminine power is “sugar and space and everything nice.” We also mistakenly believe that we must leave our feminine energy at the door in order to be successful. This is detrimental to our well-being because we are whole beings and how we do anything is how we do everything. If we are depleted of feminine energy during the day we can’t just turn it on when we get home.

Rha Goddess is a woman who embodies the full range of feminine power and energy. The speaker, poet and coach also is the founder and leader of a groundbreaking program that empowers entrepreneurial women and men to step into their own. Move the Crowd is an entrepreneurial training company and global movement dedicated to guiding creative and cultural entrepreneurs to “Stay true, get paid and do good.” 

Who better to ask about how she owns her full self? This is a woman who is so bold, daring and courageous to have “goddess” in her name. She walks into meetings and sit across from other CEOs and says, “Yes, I am Rha Goddess. Nice to meet you.” 

In Rha’s own words, “First we must stop apologizing for being women and we must stop trying to conform to structures that are not made to honor and support the truth of who we are.” Yes!

ABIOLA: Rha Goddess, how do you define feminine energy and feminine power?

RHA:  You know, the first word that comes up for me Abiola is “embodiment.”  To be fully embodied. That’s the definition [of power] across the board but I’m going to say particularly for us as women. The commitment to be fully embodied which is really about owning every facet of who we are.

One of the Move the Crowd entrepreneurs that we have a privilege to work with has an amazing venture called “Receive Everything” and we talk a lot about this.

ABIOLA: Ah, yes, Emily Tepper! My sister Damali Abrams told me about her work…

RHA: Big shout out to Emily Tepper! Emily and I talk about this a lot. This is about how you own your “yeses” and your “nos.”  And what it really means to stand up in the fullness of who you are and acknowledge what you bring. Acknowledge where the love is for you in terms of the things that you enjoy, the things that bring peace and serenity, and quality and experience to your life; as well as owning the things that don’t work for you-- and being willing to be pro-active around transforming what doesn’t work for you.

So this idea and this opportunity is also in our femininity; to own our softness as well as our warrior-ness because we have both. We engage and express along a continuum so we want to own that part of us that will kiss you on your mouth and we also want to own that part of us that will kick your ass! [more]

Recognize when what facet of “she” is appropriate. Sometimes we do need to be a little tougher and sometimes we do need to be more nurturing, and more conscious, and more gentle.  It’s about a range of being and range of expression, and the more that we’re fully embodied in the wholeness of who we are, the more we have access to all these different facets of ourselves. Again our mantra in Move the Crowd is, “Whole self equals whole success.” 

We tell entrepreneurs, “Listen, sometimes we deal with what’s going on with your mother and sometimes we get inside your spreadsheet and we look at your profitability for the quarter and sometimes we do both in the same conversation.”  It’s about whole self and whole proposition.

The key particularly for us as women and again owning our softness as well as owning our warrior-ness is critical to fully embodying our feminine power.
Indeed, Rha Goddess!

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