'Easier Said Than Done!' How to Have Global Visibility


The first thing that people will do before doing business with you is Google you. Are you ready?

Nikki Woods is the senior producer of the "Tom Joyner Morning Show," the most successful syndicated urban radio show in history. The show reaches more than 8 million people on a daily basis. Nikki was journalism major also at the University of St. Francis in Illinois and today she is known as the global visibility expert. She was born in Rock Hill, Missouri and studied education at Howard University in Washington, DC. The hardworking entrepreneur is a multimedia personality in her own right, a social media and branding coach, and a motivational speaker. She is the author of a hot, new novel named Easier Said Than Done.

Nikki Woods: I’m so happy to be here with you.

Abiola: I’m so just thrilled that you made time to do this because you have so many things. You could be Caribbean like me. You have 15 jobs, girl!

Nikki: My mom is Jamaican. (laughs)

Abiola: There we go. Nikki, you are a global visibility expert. Tell us more.

Nikki: Well, what I specialize in is helping people create platform. We’re used to the traditional kinds of platform when it comes to visibility like the one that Oprah has and the one that Dr. Phil has where you have a television show or a radio show and you reach like eight million listeners like Tom Joyner. But with the birth of social media in the resurgence of the internet, we have now come into a place where anybody can create a platform and you can do it using social media.

We have seen people do it where they create a YouTube channel and overnight you’re a celebrity because they have a million followers. So, that’s what I specialize in because the internet is global. Global visibility is possible for all of us and we can have a business in the United States or live in Dallas and have a business that reaches somebody around the globe. So it’s really an exciting time to be an entrepreneur and an exciting time to be alive with social media.

Abiola: It really is, Nikki. And what you do is so important because having a platform and then being able to maximize it and reach your audience directly matters whether you own a bakery in Brooklyn or you have a large scale platform. Before, we had these gatekeepers but now you can directly access your base. Please tell us about your monthly seminar. 

Nikki: Grow Global was just designed to do a free monthly, sometimes bimonthly webinar that gives people the tool to grow global. We talk about branding. We talk about social media. I talk about how to get free publicity for your products and services. It was really exciting about it and it goes back to kind of what we’re talking about before. We absolutely no longer have to ask people for permission to use their platforms.

In fact, I was talking to one of Oprah’s producers the other day and she was saying that they Google people. They are looking on the internet for people who are indeed gaining visibility by using social media and connecting with people and creating their platforms, so it’s a table to turn. You now can get the eye of a producer for a show like Oprah by doing big things on the internet. So, that’s what Grow Global is about.

Abiola: Very powerful and you’re absolutely right. Many of the producers who booked me for TV and radio appearances found me from online searching my topics of expertise, self-esteem, feminine power, and relationships. Talk to us about building your brand.

Nikki: I was out of work for about a year-and-a-half and transition when I decided to stay home with my children when they were young and social media was starting. I think that’s when I really decided I needed to do something with my brand and help my brand evolve. I intentionally started looking at this thing of platform development and creating a brand based on you and who you are and not necessarily who you work for.

I think as women we make the mistake of too closely tying our value into who we’re employed by instead of realizing the inherent value we bring to the table just being who we are. I mean obviously Tom Joyner lent a ton of value to my brand, but I also have to recognize the value that I bring to his. That’s where it started.

Social media became my outlet to communicate with people on a large scale on a daily basis and so when I got to Dallas and I started working with Tom and I help him kind of start developing his social media presence, I was like, “I can help other people do this.” 

Abiola: Well, here’s what Tom Joyner has to say about you: “Nikki works hard. I set the pace and she came in and she goes stride for stride. I’m the hardest working man in radio, but she certainly gets the cake for being the hardest working senior producer.” Tell us about your work with Tom Joyner Nikki.

Nikki: It’s such a different experience in anything that I’ve ever had in radio. We’re a big show. There are a lot of very talented people that work on the show from producers to talent bookers. That’s just amazing, but Tom really is a brand and a business into himself. He is a beast when it comes to this business. He has this foundation. He has blackamericaweb.com. He has the company, Reach Media, who now has partnered really closely with Radio One, so now we don't just have the "Tom Joyner Morning Show." We have "The Rickey Smiley Show." We have The D.L. Hughley Show and more.

Abiola: Wow.

Nikki: So, we really have expanded. It is kind of taking on the life of its own, but I have learned so much from working with Tom and just seeing how somebody can take their passion. This is a guy from Alabama who grew up in Tuskegee and just had a dream.

Abiola: Nikki, my new book (June 3, 2014) is named The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love and I’m taking back, the word “bombshell” to mean a woman who owns herself, who loves herself, who feel good in her skin, mind, body, and spirit. What makes you a bombshell?

Nikki: I’m at a point where I no longer make apologies for my dreams, for my success, for my mistakes. I think really owning who you are and all of that may be whether it’s good or bad and making absolutely no apologies for that I think that’s a gift as our strength and our desire to be better. I think if we can admit to our faults and our mistakes we give ourselves permission to correct them and move forward to a better space.

Abiola: Beautiful, Nikki. I love that you’re giving away a free video training series, a global visibility master class. It says, “yield absolute influence in social media and cash it in in the real world.” 

Nikki: My website is nikkiwoodsmedia.com and it really gives you tips and tools and strategies to start bringing all of this together.