How To Appreciate A Failed Relationship (Yes, I'm Serious)


Learning to let the "downs" in your life lead to appreciating the "ups"

Every so often I have rough moments or days and I lie to myself, telling myself that I’m happy. But in those moments, I’m not.

I don’t want to lie to myself, I do it automatically because I feel like I should be happy ALL THE TIME, given I have a clear life purpose, an incredible business, and an inspiring fiance.

(It doesn’t really matter why I have those rough times, but mostly it’s because uncertainty, fear or doubt creep up on me and tackle me for a bit, before I can kick ‘em to the curb.)

I feel guilty when I’m not happy, like there’s something wrong with me.  With all the positives in my life, shouldn’t I be happy all the time?  That’s just not real. Part of being human is having a range of emotions, including forms of fear.

I don’t know where my mind picked up the idea that I (or anyone) is supposed to be happy all the time. There will ALWAYS be an ebb and flow in your life.

In fact, it’s the challenges you’ve been through in life, the 'downs', that allow you to truly appreciate the 'ups'.

If I hadn’t gotten married and divorced (and had many other short-term relationships), I wouldn’t be as grateful for my inspiring partner and fiance, Jessica.

If I hadn’t worked in the corporate world (including starting a failing business), I wouldn’t be as grateful for my fulfilling work with my authentic Unique Genius mentoring clients. 

You HAVE to be grateful for the downs - it's just a part of life!

Learn something from them.  Inspire, educate, and entertain others based on what you learned.

What past challenges can you be grateful for?

PS: those challenges are, in some way, a part of your Unique Genius (your life purpose), and you can authentically help yourself by sharing your story and lessons learned with others.