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Business Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

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You are the change you seek.  It's here, it's now and it's YOU!

About Graham White

Graham began the highly popular Facebook page What Evolved Women Want after speaking with hundreds of women fed up with the lack of single men who they were attracted to on all levels.  Not prepared to put up with 'Bad Boys', or settle for 'Nice Guys', Evolved women are looking for quality men with a sexy edge.  

Graham's expertise in understanding human behavior comes from decades of working as a marketing strategist and building the world's largest coaching program with 150 coaches and 20,000 clients.

Graham's articles and quotes have been viewed by millions of Evolved women committed to finding "Mr. Right" rather than settling for "Mr. Right Now". A compilation of his articles will soon be available in the book, "What Evolved Women Want".

Professionally Graham applies his understanding of human behavior as a marketing strategist for speakers, trainers and authors whose focus is changing lives.   

Graham White Success Stories

I'm ready to speak up for what I want and who I am

Women who are single parents

For years I just kept giving & giving to my family and friends, even if it came at the sacrifice of my own happiness.  I had always done what I thought others wanted me to do, and been the person that I thought was expected of me.  It was exhausting!  more

After hearing what you said, at 35 I am finally going to speak up for what I want & who I am.  Nicole

It's the end of 10 years of struggling

Women seeking to start over in a relationship

I loved the Evolved Woman Seminar!!! It was life changing! I have never been in a room full of such amazing energy ! I learned to put my own well-being first and fill myself up so that I can be the best friend, mother, partner, and business woman that I can be.  After struggling for almost 10 years I have what I need to take care of myself now."  Ashley

You speak to the essence of what I desire in a man

Women seeking a relationship

I absolutely LOVE your page What Evolved Women Want. I feel like you read my soul. I live my life with a passion that has at times intimidated men. You seem to 'get' that. Your words are hypnotizing. They speak the essence of who I am...of what I desire in a man.more

It's so refreshing to read about issues and situations in relationships that not all people necessarily talk about captivating feelings I could never find words to describe.  Thank you!  Robyn

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