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I help open-minded people achieve and maintain effortless, juicy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of their lives, particularly their sex lives. As a Relationship Coach, I engage all types of clients, and I offer a specialty in alternative, kink, and sex-positive lifestyles. I am the author of My Erotic Adventure, a choose-your-own styled sexual romp designed to engage and educate the reader as the main character navigates fantasy situations and real-life dilemmas toward one of 48 unique endings. I also teach workshops, present at conferences, and write a blog about sexuality and relationships. I invite you to contact me for a free sample coaching session.


I help open-minded people achieve and maintain effortless, juicy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of their lives, particularly their sex lives. I provide relationship coaching and sexuality consulting services by phone, Skype, and at my office in Portland, OR. Although I specialize in alternative sexuality and multi-partnered relationships and lifestyles, endorsing a full awareness and acceptance of ourselves as sexual beings, I serve clients of many varying backgrounds. Frank Albert says, “I am pleased to recommend Makael Newby for relationship coaching. She is very attentive to stated goals and skilled at maintaining focus in the discussion. She offers practical advice that when followed brings the desired results. I have benefited from her experience and grown as a person because of her dedication to her clients.”

I have spent my adult life pursuing personal development and an understanding of interpersonal relationships, and have completed over 650 hours of accredited coursework with Landmark Education. I am also a Certified Coach with the Coach Training Alliance. My personal experience in the realms of alternative sexuality and sex-positive lifestyles has given me a unique perspective on sex and love, and I continue to teach workshops about functional non-monogamy and sexual empowerment at conferences across the country. My book, My Erotic Adventure, a choose-your-own styled sexual romp with 48 unique endings, was designed to create a way for partners and friends to investigate their passions and preferences with themselves and each other in a safe, non-threatening and joyous manner.

I also offer Electromagnetic Field Work to support my clients in further removing their barriers and embracing their life mission.

Success Stories

But when I was pregnant...

Women with sexual dysfunctions

I had only one call with this client - a married woman dealing with a significant reduction in her sex drive. She had taken anti-depressants when dealing with a multi-year bout of chronic pain several years back, and they seemed to have negated her sexual desire. She loved her husband, and was at a loss for how to reinvigorate her sex drive, and thus engaged me for a session.more

We discussed her thoughts about sex, her relationship with her husband, and her medical history. She talked about her body image, how it was to mother a toddler, her exercise routine and her comfort level with masturbation.

And then, suddenly, in one of those moments that I truly love, she said, "...but he didn't want to hurt the baby while I was pregnant, and I had to masturbate like crazy for 6 months. So I'm very comfortable with touching myself."

"Wait a minute!" I said. "You were masturbating like crazy? That implies desire. You went on and off of the anti-depressants years before your son was born, and he's almost 3 now, so are you telling me that your sexual drive Returned when you were pregnant and then disappeared again after you gave birth?"

"Oh, my goodness," she replied, "I had never noticed that! You're right - my sex drive returned when I was pregnant."

Given the possibility of a correlation to her hormone levels, I requested referrals from local friends, and referred her to a local midwife for medical testing. She left our session with a new sense of hope and an avenue for new action.