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"Some of us find heaven by backing away from hell."

Carrie Fischer

About sheldon Isenberg

Shelly Isenberg is a seasoned, experienced individual and couple's counselor with over 40 years in practice. My practice is oriented to personal and relationship growth.  After all these years, I still enjoy counseling others, of understanding how people create problems for themselves and helping them past the barriers keeping them from joy and getting what they want out of life.  

I work real well with both men and women separately and together, including men who think counseling is not for them or who have had failed counseling experiences in the past.   Working with dual-career couples and people in a family business is a sub-specialty of mine.  I'm  personable in my counseling work as we're dealing with personal issues and add humor where appropriate.   Spending as much time in my office  as I do dealing with serious issues can be difficult, so it's important to me that I keep my energy up and that  positive energy is important to my clients as well.  Good energy fuels self- worth and problem solving.

I've been married 47 years  now to the same spirited woman who is also a therapist and we built a large successful practice together which we sold in 2008 and now practice solo We also had and have a family life together with our two, now adult, sons and their wives and the three children they've brought into the world. One son died at birth and we've buried all four of our parents. We're members of a Jewish congregation and believe in having a spiritual life for ourselves. I do believe we're all spiritual beings and we need to find avenues to express that spirit.

 We've lived life, sometimes with serious, painful issues to work out together and we've also enjoyed ourselves.  We all have similar issues, developmental hurdles,even destinies, but how we manage them is what counts.  I help people look at how they are managing themselves in relationship to their difficulties and/or what they want their lives to be. That's why I quoted Carrie Fischer saying: "Some of us find heaven by backing way from hell."

Professionally I'm very credentialed having my licensure and board certification in Clinical Social Work.  I'm also a long-standing Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.  I've lectured extensively and done some writing  about relationship development and problem-solving.