7 Ways To Harness April's Taurus New Moon To Manifest True Love

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7 Ways To Harness April's Taurus New Moon To Manifest True Love

The new moon is typically a good time to look within and think about what you want so you can “plant seeds” to manifest your heart’s desires. For this April's Taurus new moon, that's even more true!

This month's new moon will fall on April 22, but you can use this new moon energy to begin planting your seeds of love.

Late April into early May is the time when gardeners get the ground ready and plant seeds for the annual harvest. This idea is also a metaphor for your love life, as well.

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New moons are fresh starts.

Every month when the new moon comes around, that's your chance to think about what you want. It's like getting a fresh start. And if you want the best results, that takes a little planning.

Keep in mind with the new moon, the night sky is darker than usual since no moon can be seen.

From a spiritual perspective, you're in darkness and can't see everything clearly. Sometimes people you know have hidden agendas and everything is not obvious or out in the open.

This is why you want to avoid acting impulsively or jumping to conclusions. Instead, look within to discover what's in your best interest. Learning to trust yourself and rely on your own intuition can help you navigate the darkness.

Characteristics of Taurus, the sign of the bull.

To harness the energy of the Taurus new moon, let's look at what the sun sign Taurus is about.

Typically, the Taurus-born are well-grounded and have a practical nature. Many have a strong connection to the Earth and are confident and sure-footed.

That's what makes the Taurus new moon wonderful for building confidence and self-esteem.

One of the key factors for attracting a high-caliber person is that you feel and behave like a high-quality person yourself — one who is confident and believes in themself.

If you don't feel this way now, you can get there during the new moon by purposefully leveraging the energy.

When you wake up in the morning, spend a few minutes on any of these exercises to strengthen your self-worth. Or add them to your morning routine.

Here are 8 ways to harness the Taurus new moon energy this month to bring your dreams of love to life.

1. Love yourself.

Every day, look in the mirror and say out loud, “I love you just as you are.”

This might feel really silly at first, but it builds self-love faster than anything. Author Louise Hay was a master of this and shared it as her most powerful method for creating self-love.

2. Love your "cells."

If looking in the mirror is too hard, try this instead. Whether or not you have issues with your body and wish it were better or different, you can still love your cells.

Take a few minutes every morning and send love to each and every one of the cells in your body. Let them light up and be nourished by your love and appreciate them for all the work they do. You’d be nowhere without your cells!

This is so easy and surprisingly effective.

3. List your accomplishments.

When you take the time to make a list of your accomplishments, you'll have something to make you proud. You can then read this list daily.

Appreciate who you are, your strengths, and all you've achieved. Your confidence will soar.

4. Practice gratitude.

When you spend time thinking about all the good things in your life, it diminishes what isn't working.

By focusing on the good in your life, your energy vibrates at a higher level, opening you to attract more good things. This can also boost your confidence by acknowledging what's going well.

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5. Understand your core values.

Another way to feel confident is to have a deep understanding of your core values. What matters to you most and helps you feel satisfied and appreciated?

That could include smart choices about the way you interact with men, how you present yourself, or which men you decide to get to know in the hope of finding true love.

Core values are the things about life you hold most dear. For example, you might think the most important things about life are family, ambition, and kindness.

Knowing your core values helps you get clear about who you are and allows you to be more authentic.

Knowing what makes you tick helps you see clearly when you aren't a good match with someone. Long-lasting love takes a lot more than physical attraction and passion. 

This is a way to really understand if someone fits well or is not a smart option, no matter how good looking they are or how much you like them.

The Taurus new moon is perfect for exploring these aspects of yourself so you can manifest true love.

6. Connect with the Earth.

Since part of the Taurus new moon energy is about getting grounded and connected to the Earth, give that a shot, too.

Being grounded means you feel more solid in yourself. You don't get easily overwhelmed or thrown off course, either.

The very best way to get grounded is to walk barefoot on grass, rock, or sand, but not pavement, which is manmade. You can also put your hands on a tree or your back up against it. Trees are wonderful for relieving stress.

If you live in a city without many grassy areas, there are other ways to connect with the Earth. Having houseplants can make a big difference.

Try a "visualization" to get grounded:

  • Sit comfortably on a chair with your feet on the floor. Turn off any distractions, although you might play meditative or yoga music.
  • Start by taking three deep slow breaths and exhale fully.
  • With your next exhale, imagine sending roots down from your tail bone through the chair, floor, basement, and into the Earth.
  • With each exhale, continue to send roots deeper, reaching through the dirt and Earth's crust. Your roots grow wider and deeper still until you feel fully rooted and connected.
  • Then slowly, allow the warm, nurturing Earth energy to come gently back up the roots and into your body. It's a comfortable and reassuring process.
  • And as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply, the Earth's energy rises up the center of your body, traveling up your spine until it pops from the top of your head like a fountain.
  • Imagine this energy showering down over your body, back down through the floor, into the Earth. This makes a complete circuit in which the energy is renewed by the Earth and ready to come back up to nurture you again.
  • Finally, when you feel complete, slowly stop the fountain and withdraw your roots, returning everything back to normal. Congratulations! You're now connected to the Earth and grounded.

8. Manifest love.

Now that you've got all your Taurus new moon energy properly aligned and ready to go, do some manifesting! That's the best part of the new moon.

Think about what you want to create over the next month. If you're looking for love, let's plant those metaphorical seeds so you might just make that rare and wonderful connection.

There are so many ways to manifest love, but for now, this is one of the easiest methods:

What you will need: A small planter or pot, soil, flower or herb seeds, water, paper, and a pen.

  • Think about what you want. Get very specific and clear about your heart's desire.
  • Write a list of the qualities your love interest will have. Who is this person? How do they live? What are their goals and dreams? What do you want your relationship to be like?
  • Write it all down. Fill at least a page with all the ways this person will make your heart sing.
  • Next, set the intention you're taking to manifest your ideal relationship with the right partner for you. Close your eyes and feel it as if it's real and happening right now.
  • Breathe in that love and allow it to fill your lungs and then every cell in your entire body. See yourself together enjoying life. Excellent! Then when you are ready, open your eyes.
  • Next, fill your pot or planter with soil. Then take some seeds out of the package and hold them in both hands. Close your eyes and reconnect with your intention and heart's desire for a loving relationship.
  • When you feel strongly connected again, cup your hands around the seeds. Then, imagine you are infusing the seeds with love as you gently blow on them. Fill them with the love of your heart's desire.
  • After this exercise, plant them in the pot and water them weekly. Check in to see how the seeds are doing. Then, when they sprout, so will your love.

Now you are all set for another month. You've done a great job of leveraging the Taurus new moon energy to attract true love into your life.

Keep your written vision of the love you want close by and know that your special love is on the way.

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