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"Only when we care for each other as separate beings do we speak of love; the inner reality of love is union. This union, this recognition of the essential oneness of our consciousness is our true state."

About Ram Giri Braun

Hello, I’m Ram Giri.
Let me begin by sharing with you the single most important secret you must know if you want to enjoy true, unshakable love. It is that this kind of love comes only from inside. It arises from your innermost core, the spiritual Heart, the seat of the soul. You can awaken it there. Opening to this incredible joy and beauty in you is completely safe. It will make you shine. And once you awaken this magnificent Source in you—then you are qualified and capable to experience true unconditional love in your relationship.

On the other hand, please understand that as long as you do anything to catch, charm, please, tempt, hang on to, or control a partner, you are acting from fear, not from love. In the short term this may seem to work, but sooner or later suffering will be the outcome. Sadly this describes most of what people are being taught today in their search to get a loving relationship. It simply cannot succeed. Manipulation of any kind comes from the feeling that you are not enough in yourself, and that is painful.

But once you have discovered the profound Source of unconditional love in your Heart, you will realize you don’t have to do anything for love but set it free inside you and let its life-giving essence flow into your relationship. Then you will be irresistible. You will be free of the stressful thoughts and feelings that obstruct this real power in you, and you will be the kind of lover you have wished to be in your highest hopes and aspirations.

To experience and deeply taste this inner potential I have created HeartSourcing™, a practice to nurture yourself from the core of your being. Feel free to check it out and practice it as much as you feel drawn to.

Among the thousands of approaches to help you feel better and to improve your relationships only very few have the clarity and depth to help you realize the kind of happiness and love that nothing and no one can take away from you. This is what you can have. Your true potential is nothing short of this. If this is what you want, I will be happy to guide you and support you to reach this higher ability.

This is the reason for bringing to live the Skills for Awakening®, to give people like you, who are genuinely seeking to turn their lives and their loves around, access to the best means to do so—directly and quickly. And what’s best I can offer you these amazing skills for free.

I am both a Transpersonal Psychologist and a Swami, an expert in the world’s wisdom traditions, the self-help movement and the best spiritual teachings of our day. For decades I have identified and honed the most practical and direct ways to help love unfold. My approach is revolutionary, even while it has deep roots in ancient wisdom and present-day know-how. It is not for anyone but for those with a deeper yearning, a spiritual aspiration.


Spiritual Relationship Mentoring

To experience your potential for pure divine love and gain the ability to share it with the people who are dear to you is the most important thing you can pursue in your lifetime. It is the root cause of the happiness everyone seeks but cannot find. Money, fame, power and all passing pleasures pale to insignificance compared to the true happiness that can be found in your Heart.

I was initiated into the ability for unconditional love that lies in all Hearts by my guru, one of the greatest sages of India. Out of profound gratitude for this unsurpassed gift I have devoted my life to sharing it with you. The Skills for Awakening® are the perfect practice for this noble quest. They do not conflict with anything else you may be doing to improve the quality of your life and relationship. They are: HeartSourcing for self-nurturance from your heart center, Open Attention for emotional Harmony and The Work of Byron Katie for clarity and peace of mind.

To learn these Skills you can subscribe to our free newsletter by sending us an email to orders@skillsforawakening.com or go to our website for free tutorials, articles and much more. I am thrilled that in this way I can offer you training in the Skills for free.

More ways to connect with me:
• I offer a variety of courses, seminars, retreats and personal coaching and mentoring via phone or skype world-wide. Visit our Coaching program… LIVEFULLY! For those who want to see me face-to face, our practice is located in Miami, FL, USA.
• To stay tuned with our local and on-line events click here
• I am a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie for over 10 years. This is a powerful and down-to-earth method to gain peace of mind and the most awesome conflict resolution tool for couples! I offer on-line telecourses and personal facilitation on The Work.
• Please check our CD on HeartSourcing meditation “Living with an Open Heart” with music by Krishna Das.
• My book “Waking Up from Your Holocaust; The Inner Journey from Darkness to Unconditional Love” will be available soon. For pre-orders please send us an email to orders@skillsforawakening.com
• For general information please write to info@skillsforawakening.com


With love and gratitude,

Ram Giri

Skills for Awakening

Ram Giri Braun Success Stories



“Ram Giri is devoted to love, to what works, to peace and all the people on this earth”more

- Byron Katie, author of “Loving What Is

“Ram Giri’s HeartSourcing is the direct way to unconditional love. It is the discovery of the
soul’s potential to nurture itself and all others around it. Ram Giri is a pure vehicle in the
transmission of this essential yoga of the Heart. This gift can change the world.”

- Ram Dass, author of “Be Here Now”

“The Skills reinforce my clarity of mind and empower me to really love myself.”

- Elaine Summer, St Paul, Mn

Healing my Wounds and Fears

Women dealing with stress

“I have yearned so much for my freedom, but a part of me did not think it was possible to become truly free, because I have tried it so much and again and again… Now this has happened for me: there is this black, dense cloud which has been with me for so very long – and this black shape is beginning to emit light from inside, to move, to get an inner structure, yes, it is becoming luminous from inside and of brilliant beauty. From my heart there flows this sweet feeling of well-being and comfort, love and goodness. The darkness in me is dissolving and it is being replaced by a deep joy… This is actually true…more

The Skills are really the handle, the exact tool, that enables me to heal my wounds… I go on of course, but now I have to smile often. When fear appears (from which I have always tried to quickly escape) I stop immediately and say: “Fear! Wonderful! Come! You are welcome. Show yourself!”

Most amazing about this process of healing is the experience that every difficulty dissolves into a wonderfully deep insight. It is not really about becoming free of pain and sadness, to finally get rid of suffering, but it is about opening the door to this magnificent inner wisdom. For a long time I knew in my head that wisdom is internal and will show itself from inside. But to experience that this well flows inside me and to know step by step, inquiry by inquiry, that thanks to the Skills my greatest wish is coming true and I can dive into this universal wisdom – that fills me with the deepest gratitude and joy. And best of all: I cannot lose it again, because I always have the skills with me, in my daily luggage, so to speak. This is a precious gift."

- Christa van Bracht, Germany

Awakening the Heart with HeartSourcing

Women seeking spiritual guidance

HeartSourcing is amazing! It completely changed me. There is a clear ‘before’ and ‘after’ [HeartSourcing] in my life. Through the practice I’ve become a lot more present and open to love, especially from others. It opens a door to a shortcut that guides you to become what we truly are: love. And I think that is what freedom is: to become what we truly are. By opening the door to that path, a strong “love wind” hits you that will amaze and even shock you. It’s a flood of gratitude.”
- Sol Alonso, USA


Women seeking spiritual guidance

” There was always something terrible in my mind. I had suffered from it all my life. I was afraid, hurt and unworthy and felt I didn’t fit, and I was sure this could never change. Then you helped me heal this terrible split in my mind, and in one single session I saw it dissolve in total gratitude, love and admiration. This process of Self-forgiveness was amazing, incredible, just incredible. Your skill of facilitating this process has been crucial to this success. You have an amazing gift of perception. Thank you again for such an amazing, quiet miracle.”
- M. K., Florida, USA

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