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Chapel Hill NC 27516 - United States


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Family Coach, Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter



I Believe

"The spirit of evil lies in the negation of the life force by fear. Only boldness can overcome that fear. If the risk is not taken the meaning of life is violated"  C.G. Jung

About Peter Metzner

Many of my clients although successful financially and career wise are finding they have lost their path in the often dark woods of midlife: These classic symptoms of midlife include: feeling as if life is passing you by, experiencing diminished energy, loss of interest or focus with work, experiencing disturbing and recurrent dreams, are unhappy, feel a lack of meaning or purpose and or don't know which direction to take ...These symptoms also negatively affect family and intimate relationships. 

I help individuals, couples, (teams and leaders as well)  be more self aware, inter-personally effective and connected to meaning and purpose.  For many the work is in finding or reclaiming personal authority in ones life.  

My background is rich and varied and helps me in supporting my clients growth. I have served as Vice President of Client Relations and Program Development for The Leadership Trust and worked for the Center for Creative Leadership, helping customize training programs for major businesses and corporations. I also teach Psychology at Vance-Granville Community College in NC and facilitate seminars on Leadership and High Performing Teams at UNC Chapel Hill, Elon University and Peace College. My coaching training is through the Institute of Life Coach Training - where I have also been an adjunct instructor.

I have found dream work to be enlightening and transformational in life coaching and in my workshops. I find many people having rich and often disturbing dreams wondering what their dreams mean.  I have found even meager snippets of dreams when understood;  to be transformational!

 My study of dreams and dream work comes from   the Journey Through Wholeness, Triangle Jung Society, Robert Johnson, Barry Williams, Jeremy Taylor, John Ryan Haule and numerous others. I have written articles on Dreams and have given key note presentations and workshops on dreams to organizations such as the National Wellness Institute, the Center For Creative Leadership, and the NC Association of Business Coaches. For more information: http://www.dynamicchangeinc.com

Additionally, my formal education includes study at the University of Marburg in Germany in conjunction with Widener University, receiving undergraduate degrees in German Literature and Psychology. I also have a MA degree in humanistic psychology from West Georgia University and an MPA (Public Administration) from the University of Georgia. At the Institute of Life Coach Training I facilitated classes on the use of Dream-work in the coaching process.  Visit my website http://www.dynamicchangeinc.com/and take advantage of my offer for a complementary consult.

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