What New Moms REALLY Want...

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FOOD! That's the one thing that we MUST have 3x daily. But we don't want to cook or order out. So...

Whether you’re pregnant, a new mom with a full house, or a single mom juggling it all on your own (which many married moms feel like they are experiencing too regardless of having the husband), the best gift that you can give to moms (or yourself) is time. And since food is pretty much a multiple times daily time and energy requirement, that’s exactly what they (we) need!

With my first son I was a single mom from the start. But I was never really alone thanks to an incredible community of friends and family who came to my aid to assist on all levels. But one of the best gifts I received was from a friend who couldn’t visit in person, so instead she sent me a gift card worth 1 month of delicious pre-made front door-delivered meals! It made my life So much easier, that three years later I still remember how relieved and supported I felt.

Now that I am less than one month from delivering my second baby boy, I’m gearing up and preparing myself to juggle this one with more ease, calm, and grace (hopefully). And one of the very first and most personally important musts on my to-do list was to test out several meal delivery systems so that food wouldn’t be a stress, but instead a pleasure.

Last time the service was selected by a friend who chose one of the few meal delivery services that were available at the time. And while the food was DELICIOUS, it wasn’t particularly healthy, and in addition to needing to eat with ease, I also wanted to start thinking about losing some of my baby weight. But when my meals consisted of major servings of cheese, pasta, and cream, that goal wasn’t as easily or quickly attainable. Plus, some of the foods had big layered flavors- which typically I love, but my breastfeeding baby wasn’t a fan of garlic, peppers, or anything even on the verge of spicy. 

This time around, with months to prep, I first determined several priorities, then tested my options (which also made my time on my feel much less, and therefore my pregnancy much more relaxing). 



Big enough to satisfy my increased calorie needs while breastfeeding

Healthy (but not overly so)

Assist in weight loss AND energy increase

Focus on protein and a variety of vegetables

Minimal garlic, salt, and spice


High Quality

Easy to heat up


First on my list was Munchery. The food was so tasty and the variety was wide and varied with seafood, meat, and vegetables! My biggest problem was my particular preference- I loved the lasagna so much that I would wake up thinking about it. But I didn’t feel like I was getting enough protein, too many carbs, and generous amounts of deliciously high fat cheese. Of course they have plenty of healthy options too. But when it comes to my breastfeeding baby, it’s the rich flavors that really were the problem. 

Thistle was good. Lots of interesting grains, nuts, vegetables, and superfoods. Plus it was organic. But it was a little too super healthy with a focus on salads, which I don’t prefer. 

Freshly felt like I was eating chef-prepared meals from a restaurant as if I hade ordered Postmates or Uber Eats. There were several traditional meals like steak, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. As well as butternut squash mac and cheese, spicy buffalo chicken, and mashed potato and cauliflower with cheese and bacon. YUM! Filling! Flavor-FILLED! Annnnd…. Fatty.

Fresh n’Lean, especially their IonPerformance meals were most satisfying for my many needs. What I most liked was the VERY big portions of protein (to the point that I something ate the rest as a snack), lots of vegetables, lower carbs, interesting flavors but not too flavorful, low salt, and few ingredients that would upset my breastfeeding baby. And because I do like to cook, thanks to the freedom to of adding favorite ingredients catered to my in-the-moment needs, I loved that many of the meals were simple enough to use as base to add teriyaki, mustard sauce, BBQ sauce, avocado, and salsa, depending on my mood. Definitely my favorite pick and what I will be ordering to support my life once the baby arrives. 

Now I just have to set up the baby room, car seat, wash the clothes, and get mentally ready for this new amazing and life altering addition to my world! Thankfully I will have the food to support it.