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"Love is our design, our core and essential nature. Yet for love to shine forth, false belief systems, distorted perceptions, and ego-based ways of being that obstruct love have to be let go." (find out more in Being Love by Mark Petroff or visit  www.lifecoachmark.com or www.BeingLove.net)

About Mark Petroff

Hello! I’m Coach Mark, and I’d love to connect with you. You may have seen me giving a Being Love relationship workshop or met someone who has positively transformed their life after receiving my coaching. For more than a decade, I’ve been empowering women and men world-wide to re-align with their heart and values, remove what’s in the way, stand for their wonderfulness, achieve extraordinary results, and enjoy fulfilling relationships & lives. Sometimes this is done by compassionately understanding what a client has come through, what’s important to them now and why they must have it, and then shifting their perceptions and strategies to get the results and joy they desire. Often powerful questions intuitively come to me that help clients find their own truth and heart, and take actions which make all the difference to the quality of their lives.

I’ve always had a passion to help people find answers, relieve suffering, and evolve in consciousness, so they become what they’re seeking instead of just trying to gain it externally. My career in Life Coaching began in 2001, following several life-changing personal growth courses I participated in, and later began staffing. Then graduates started calling me for additional support, and my coaching practice was born and has progressively expanded ever since, now with clients on several continents. I believe that who you become in the process is even more important than what you achieve, and that life is an adventure in learning & love. It’s always fun to be a supportive part of the journey, and to witness how Divine support shows up in the perfect way and time.

I’m the author of Being Love: 26 Keys to Experiencing Unconditional Love, which is a top-selling eBook and is available in paperback and hard cover as well on Amazon and BN.com. It’s a book that gives practical steps to unblocking and deepening one’s experience of love with oneself, others, and one’s Source. This book came out of my own relationship experiences and from successfully working with clients and couples in sessions and workshops. I live with my beautiful wife and amazing 2 year old son in the Orlando, FL area, two of my greatest teachers of love and truth.

I have extensive training and experience coaching clients in the following areas:
• Relationships, Marriage, Dating, Feminine & Masculine Energy Dynamics
• Physical Body, Vitality, and Health
• Emotions & Meaning
• Time Management
• Career, Creativity & Passion
• Finances
• Spirituality & Contribution

Education, Background & Affiliations:
You can read more about my professional background at www.lifecoachmark.com/about-mark , and below are a few highlights.
• Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance
• Owner of LifeCoachMark.com 2001-2011
• Member of International Association of Coaching
• Results Coach for Anthony Robbins’ company 2008-2010 & now in 2012
• Transformational seminar facilitator & host of a meditation group
• Bachelor of Science, Construction, with projects built in California & Missouri
• High School football, basketball, and baseball coach & counselor for ten years
• Founder of an Asset Management Company
• Business Consultant to Micro-cap Public & Private Companies

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact by phone or email. I’d been glad to give you a brief consultation and share resources that may be helpful to you.


(407) 429-5288

Mark Petroff Success Stories

Being Love: 26 Keys to Experiencing Unconditional Love


Last night I was feeling out of balance and opened Being Love at random to exactly what I needed to hear and experience. Some books comfort, some books go in with daggers your book walks in with confidence, love and truth to break apart the lies that hold us bound. Thank you. (LL)more

I received Being Love as a gift, and I am so glad I did. The words and message of Being Love are so uplifting. After reading this, I feel like I have the keys to be loving with all of the relationships in my life, and to be and live abundantly. There are a lot of practical tips in each chapter about how you can implement loving techniques - towards yourself and others - which I appreciate. Still, I think it is the words themselves help uplift my energy, to just naturally become more loving, listening better, and appreciative of all the people in my life.

The author's personal stories - from the viewpoint of someone who has been through a lot and has learned the keys to a healthy life and loving relationships - makes me feel like I am hearing from a real person and not from someone who simply has lofty words and ideals. I have read a lot of self-help books, and this one definitely offers me something different. It feels like it comes from an inspired place. (listener 123)

Being Love is an incredible book that uses simple yet perfect life examples and analogies to help deepen our understanding of the true meaning and concept of living, giving and "being love". This book is a great practical resource of just how to do and be in a space of love.... (Lee)

GREAT BOOK!! Learning what "real love" looks and feels like has helped me understand why many of my relationships have been superficial encounters that leave me feeling lonely. I beleive everyone wants to be loved, and finally a book with tools that are simple and transformative and an author that has the ability to inspire that life change. (G Johnson)

Mark Petroff's new book, Being Love, covers all the bases on building lasting and loving relationships with your wife and family members. I like the fact that he brings in spritual depth to amplify good working keys needed to build and foster love. Who would have ever thought, for example, that being courageous, had anything to do with a loving relationship. Most of all this book helps you to take a good look at yourself and analyze how you can improve on your own relationsips.(Denny B.)

I like to think of myself as a person who reads a lot, and I continue to learn a tremendous deal about myself by sifting through the wisdom of many different writers. There have been a plethora books over the years that have touched me deeply and continue to positively impact my life; of all of them, Being Love is probably the most personally important book I have ever read.

Being Love is a compassionate guide to finding what it means to be more loving in our relationships. Especially the relationship with ourselves!!! Whether it is in seeking a soul mate or just improving the relationship you are in, this book is a great addition to your library. This book is a must read for anyone looking to expand in their relationships and become more whole.

I thoroughly have enjoyed reading Being Love and continue to experience "ah-ha" moments as I re-read sections. I especially love the format of this book-it is a easy-to-read book which allows for me to absorb the material on my own time frame.

I enjoy the flow of the book as each chapter easily transitions into the next.
The author, Mark Petroff, has a non-nonsense, loving and very genuine way of relating his expertise to us in his writing. I found myself feeling like he wrote the book just for me and when a writer can relate to a vastly large audience then you know they are a fantastic writer!!

I whole-heartily recommend Being Love to anyone looking to expand more into love, their spiritual relationship, and into who they truly are. (nasonmichelle)

I am learning so much from reading Being Love. It truly put me on a path that I feel will help me to forge a successful relationship that will last a lifetime. I was inspired to send this on to some of my family and friends as a Christmas present. I am someone who is always looking to grow and learn all the lessons that you don't get from school or conventional knowledge. This book offers those lessons that are focusing me on my spiritual path to "Being Love" (improvingalongtheway)

I felt stuck around some aspects of relationships and Mark Petroff has a special way of weaving ideas together to create an entirely different view of why love was blocked for me. Within a few paragraphs Mark brought light and clarity to my heart and soul. I feel a peaceful and powerful motivation to alter my views on how I show up in the world. The results have been instantly apparent with relationships around me, and even with strangers who showed me a new sweet kind of love.

I really enjoy the format of Being Love that allows for random reading so you feel completion in each chapter. I carry it with me everywhere and everyone who sees the cover wants a copy. I'm excited about the download to my phone too so I can keep re-reading the principles.

Being Love is a great gift for anyone you care about and for finding a new language to support one another in being the love we all wish to receive.

It's great that Mark Petroff is a life coach so we can all have access to his teachings and support. I look forward to attending Mark's workshops. Mark is mindful in his sharing, honest about what works and one can tell he has walked the challenging roads to bring him to blissfully happy relationships. Let's join him! (Lauralynne)

Being Love is not a book that will be read once and then put away. The writting brings awarness to the potential in all of us to 'be loveing' and the inner joy one will experience with 'being love'. As stated by the author, it is a wonderful journey. I am excited to use the words on these pages to help me along this pathway. (Lormar)

Being Love was very helpful and inspiring. Love has been something that I have been seeking "out-there." This book reminded me that love dwells with-in each one of us and all I have to do is remove the blocks to experience more and more if it. Divine Love is supporting all of us all the time in all ways: it protects, guides, inspires, appreciates, heals, forgives, strengthens....and so much more. It revealed keys that showed me how to be more compassionate with myself and others and to "be love" so I can better attract the relationship of my heart's desire. (Seeker)

This book "Being Love" has been a true source of inspiration to lift me up and to help me be the best version of myself. Awareness can lead you into the path of staying in Spirit and the Unconditional Love referred to in this book can open one's heart and transcend you into a deeper level of being. It has brought me to a closer alignment to God's healing energy. Thank you Mark for your insight and gifted presence! (Lighthealer)

The more I read, the more I appreciate your Being Love book. It's a textbook; a teaching book; an inspiring book; a life book. Every new chapter is a profound book unto itself. Madi and I are honored to be quoted, however you need quotes from national writers or celebrities. Your consciousness has the potential to elevate the world consciousness... (Geoff)

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