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About Alanna Levenson

What would it take for you to be able to say “I love my life!”? This might be a big question for some of you where you may not know the answer. The rest of you know the answer but you just aren’t sure how to get there. I too pondered that question when I heard it, and have been honoring all the ways to love my life ever since.

As I grew older and evolved as an adult, so did the issues I’ve helped people with. I have worked with as old as 10 and experienced as 80, both men and women. The type of life coaching and relationship coaching I do is about being able to understand yourself at a level you haven’t before, free yourself from your past, experience having successful relationships with family and romantic partners, and to love the work that you do. One of my jobs as your coach is that I provide that support where you create your life going forward with intention and clarity.

What I've noticed from doing this work, is that when it comes to relationships, we all just want to be loved and liked. It's pretty simple. Yet we complicate things and get ourselves in complicated relationships where we get off track. If you are a subscriber to the monthly Relationship Expert series by Rori Raye, you may have heard me talking about some of this during our interview in 2010. I was also interviewed by Steve Warwick where I'm featured in the "7 Steps to LifeLong Love" audio program.  I regularly coach individuals as well as couples on being able to let go of old resentments, be at peace with where you are now, learn new skills to improve your communication and listening, and to create an exciting future. Ultimately it’s about finding your way back to be that loving, compassionate and powerful person you are meant to be. Go here to read some testimonials.

I always start our working relationship with a consultation. It’s an opportunity where you can ask me questions and for me to gather valuable information about where you are now and what you would like to work on. I want to make sure you and I are a good fit as I don’t work with everyone who contacts me; I only work with those who are truly committed to making those powerful changes they are wanting. Typically I work with clients for about 6-7 months and see that progress can happen as early as the first session.

Becoming a coach changed my life and I’m honored to know that I continue to affect change in the lives of others as well. One of my favorite experiences as a coach is when I see a client have those “aha” moments, when I hear them say things like “I’ve never said that before” or “I’ve never thought about that before” or they just smile, laugh, or cry because they had a breakthrough. You can read more about these types of insights and success stories by subscribing to my blog, you can also sign up for my newsletter.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach through iPEC Coaching, as well as a Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, TIME Techniques Practitioner and I use EFT or “Tapping”. I love the power of the unconscious mind and enjoy educating you about how your mind works so you can use it to your advantage rather than letting it run you.

Are you ready?! If you’re reading this, I bet on some level you are. It doesn't matter where you are. I work with clients over the phone, on Skype and in person if you're local to Los Angeles.  Contact me today to schedule your consultation either by emailing me at alanna@i-love-my-life.com or phone at 213.400.7970. There is also plenty of information on my website at www.i-love-my-life.com.

Alanna Levenson Success Stories

Things Aren't Always Black and White

Women seeking to start over in a relationship

“It feels good to know that there is someone on your side rooting for you, someone who genuinely cares and really wants to help you find your own way. Alanna has that passion for helping others, she is as real as they get. I can sometimes be a very black and white kind of person when it comes to viewing life, Alanna is helping me recognize the many different shades of gray in between. This makes me smile, what a wonderful thing to discover.”more

– Deena M., Los Angeles, CA, Entrepreneur

The Difference One Coaching Call Can Make

Women dealing with stress

“Thank you for letting me share my expression of thoughts, you can say it is a bi-product of your doing. Many thank you-s for the things you said to me today, the tools you gave me AND the decision you made long before we met, to become a Life Coach for others. Those decisions you made XX years ago are now affecting my life today in a positive way. I’m truly grateful. Today you gave me a precise evaluation of my dilemma from an outside perspective…communicated to me with clarity, honesty and conviction…joined with complete down-to-earth realism…an added touch of unselfish patience…a tad of humor…followed by an utterly profound but easy-to-apply solution: “Cynthia what is the gift in that?” You provided all of this on one short phone call. Damn you’re good!”more

– Cynthia B., Glendale, CA, Business Owner

Feeling Confident after expriencing NLP

Women dealing with work related stress

“I want to share how transformative our last coaching session was. It came at a critical time in my growth and your use of NLP made all the difference. I FINALLY feel like my head and heart are in sync. And, for the first time I am no longer defined by how others see me or by my work or other externals. “I AM ENOUGH” is no longer a theory. I REALLY feel it, even when I have been in situations where, in the past I would have questioned myself or felt like I needed to detach to cope. Instead, I am experiencing a confidence never felt before and I am able to be fully present and walk away feeling whole. What a difference! You are a blessing.”more

– Kathleen O’Sullivan, Pasadena, CA, Managing Partner, Think-Up! Inc.

Michele comes back for more refresher coaching.

Women who are single parents

I’ve spent time in all types of therapies with all types of therapists. Working with Alanna has been the most productive of all. She provides you with real tools that you can carry over into all areas of your life. In other therapies, the tendency can be to get stuck in the emotions and negativity. While Alanna realizes the value in recognizing this, she teaches you how to progress out of these states in order to get to where you really want to be.more

In the past, I’ve had on-going weekly sessions with Alanna. Now, years later, I’ll schedule just one session to help me with a particular issue or as a refresher course. I cannot recommend her enough!

-Michele Knight, Designer/Fashion Industry, Los Angeles

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