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"The important thing is this:

to be ready at any moment

to sacrifice

what you are

for what you could become"

Charles Dubois

About Laura Thomas

Hello! I am Laura Thomas, Ph.D.; a licensed psychologist in the state of California. I have been living my passion for 25 years; my passion being to assist people on their life’s journey. In so doing; I have completed much formal schooling and continued my learning so that I might best assist those seeking out my services to unblock the flow of their lives and thrive in their relationships, work aspirations, and personal endeavors.

Sometimes it is a life crisis that brings someone into therapy. Other times it is the persistent inner voice that will not be silenced that prompts the initiation of a healing journey that leads to a call to my office. Artists experiencing creative blocks and athletes feeling bored with their gift might also precipitate a therapeutic call. Issues of chronic painanxiety and stress, dis-ease with life, and life transitions (such as divorce, caring for aging parents, job or health changes, etc.) are all events that people encounter everyday, which potentially could initiate a more conscious journey with themselves and thus prompt a call to my office.

Although the preceeding events are often experienced as a crisis by the person; it is really just the crossing of the threshold; beyond which a whole new world can await. It is my task and my delight to walk this path with each individual coming into my office; to open their eyes to the meaning of their own life; to heed the message in their struggles; and to answer their own life’s unique calling. Together we find tools to calm the stormy waters of life, or simply to better endure life’s storms when there is no calm.

Much of what I do parallels the coaching field. It is my task to suggest, support, and encourage my clients to keep trying, and to persist with their efforts to transform their life. I may recommend readings to assist the person on their journey. It is a collaborative partnership from beginning to end.

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