When You're Struggling to Lose Weight You're Probably Missing THIS

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Check this out to make sure you've got THIS in place so you can stop struggling to lose weight!

When you're struggling to lose weight you're probably missing THIS (stay tuned, I promise to let you in on what THIS is!). How can you know for sure that you don't have THIS already? Because if you already had it, you wouldn't be struggling to lose weight! That's how powerful THIS is.

But first.... before we get to it... just remember that when you're struggling to lose weight and you really DO want to lose weight, you're not the only one on the planet who is struggling, I promise!! It's surprising to me (and I'm the coach!) but with the multitude of smart, successful women I've spoken with over the years who are struggling to stop emotional eating, struggling to stop binge eating, and struggling to break their food addictions, self-sabotage, sugar addictions and any other unhealthy behaviors... most of these women think they are the ONLY one struggling to lose weight. But this is not true!

Even so, the most important questions to ask yourself are, "Do I really want to stay in the average lot? The lot of strugglers? OR do I want to end the struggle, drop the fat, and keep it off?!" If you want the latter, you can have it. My permanent weight loss coaching clients have been proving that struggle-free weight loss is possible, ever since I began coaching back in 2009.

And now, onto today's topic....

Is Your Identity Fit or Fat? A Big Key to Stop Struggling to Lose Weight

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A fat identity vs. a fit identity is a subject that you don't hear anyone else talking about when it comes to ending the struggle to lose weight, and this article on the topic of identity might just give you some insights into WHY it's been such a struggle for you to lose weight, and keep it off.

You see, if you have a fat identity then it doesn't matter how many diets you force yourself to do. With a fat identity it won't matter how much weight loss info you collect or how many celebrity diet tips you read. With a fat identity you won't be able to apply that healthy weight loss information and you definitely won't be able to stick with it consistently,  because a fat identity will fight you all the way. Sure, you might be able to make yourself stick with it for a few days, or maybe a few weeks, but eventually your behaviors Must Match your identity. So, when your identity is fat, your body must match. 

It Comes Down To a Basic Premise: The Inner and The Outer Always Match

Another problem that comes into play when your identity is fat is the fact that "the inner and the outer always matches" is a Universal Law and we cannot change Universal Laws. You CAN learn how to work with them, and then weight loss will be easy and fun for you. Really! My coaching clients do it all the time. But if it's hard for you to imagine weight loss being struggle-free then consider this to start: If you already had a fit identity, then you wouldn't be reading these words right now. Why? Because you wouldn't be looking for answers as to why you're struggling to lose weight. You'd already be living a healthy, fit lifestyle if your identity were fit.

A fit identity makes it struggle-free to LIVE healthy and fit, and then where you've got that going for you, what would the problem be with losing weight? You're right - there wouldn't be a problem. You'd lose weight, and keep it off forever because your healthy lifestyle behaviors would match your fit identity, therefore you wouldn't struggle or sabotage yourself and your weight.

When You're Struggling to Lose Weight You're Probably Missing THIS

To recap, when you're struggling to lose weight what you're probably missing is a fit identity, or a Thin Identity. This is what you need if you want to stop struggling to lose weight. Your identity is extremely powerful and you just can't fight it. What you can do is change it! This can be done very quickly when you're working with the right permanent weight loss coach.

Something you can start with now is to notice how often you say or think "I'm fat", which is an identity statement (click here to learn even more about this in my free weight loss podcast) and then you'll need to change that statement to a healthy statement that serves you. More than likely going right to "I'm thin" will be rejected by your current mindset, so you'd need to start with something much softer, like "I'm able" which is pretty general.

NOTE: Please don't beat yourself up when you don't see immediate change after one day of doing this. It's going to take quite awhile to work on this on your own and you must stay consistent whenever "I'm fat" (or another unhealthy identity statement) comes up. This is why working with the right mind-body coach is so powerful, because you can make the necessary changes in your beliefs, your brain programming, and your identity very quickly. To do this on your own you'd need to be able to see all of your blind spots (we ALL have blind spots, which is why we ALL need coaching!) and when you can't see your own blind spots, the right weight loss coach will be able to get in there and help you get out of that struggle quickly and easily. Then you'll stop struggling to lose weight, and keep off that weight forever (yay!!).

Once your identity On the Inside matches the fit, healthy, sexy strong body you want On the Outside, then your behaviors will match up with the body you want. Then it will be easy for you to work out consistently, live a healthy lifestyle consistently and stop emotional eating, stop binge eating, and end self-sabotage. Once your Inner Self identity is a match to the body you want on the outside, then you will stop struggling to lose weight because your behaviors will match your identity.

This makes it even easier to understand: Imagine your lifestyle right now, your unhealthy, overeating behaviors, which are a match to your overweight body. Notice how easy it is to DO the behaviors of an unhealthy lifestyle. (Wait, this is a golden nugget here!!) Ok, you know how easy it is to take that path. It's a well-worn path that has no end in sight, even though you DO want to lose weight and keep it off, right?

Well just imagine if it were That Easy to Do the behaviors that make up a healthy lifestyle. If it were as easy for you to live healthy and fit day after day, meal after meal, just as easy as it is for you today to NOT do those things..... then you wouldn't be struggling to lose weight. You wouldn't have a problem. It would feel natural and easy to live healthy and fit BECAUSE it would match your fit identity On the Inside. Make sense?

The inner and the outer always match. Get your Inner Self lined up with the body you want on the outside (which includes getting a fit, healthy, thin identity on the inside) and then you'll stop struggling to lose weight. Then you'll just do it!

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