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Author, Consultant, Dating Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Family Coach, Health Coach, Relationship Coach, Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Sex Therapist, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer

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You are beloved ... every beautiful inch of you. The more you understand your belovedness the more you will seek to give and receive love from this place of value and justice. The more you live in this love, the more you will know intimacy and pleasure ... your heart's true desire.  

About Tina Schermer-Sellers

In the area of sexuality, I have spent a career helping people discover the spiritual side of sexuality, and what culture has failed to teach them about their bodies, their hearts, their capacity for intimacy and their erotic potential.

I believe each person is created beloved and comes into this world hard wired for intimacy and pleasure.  We see this in the nature of infants seeking the comfort of their mother's breast and arms. We even see this at the end of life in Alzheimers units ... people never stop seeking pleasure and deep human connection.  Unfortunately most people grew up in homes that were silent and shame filled around sex.  Their families and culture never taught them about the beauty and complexity within sexuality and relationships ... or the artful skillset needed to live fully into the sacred erotic experience of a deeply connected relationship.

In our fast paced culture with all that pulls marriages apart – where are couples taught the skills needed to cultivate loving passion over time?  Have you been taught how to integrate your heart’s desire for connection, your body’s desire for pleasure and your soul’s desire for healing?  

In addition to speaking nationally and internationally, teaching and counseling, I run 3 1/2 day couples intimacy retreats at a sensual resort in Seattle, introducing couples to the spiritual side of intimacy. I specialize in helping individuals and couples discover what they were created to know about their belovedness, their sexual desire, the spirituality of loving deeply, and the skills needed to do this with wild abandon. 

Tina Schermer-Sellers Success Stories

Couple's Intimacy Retreat 'Shout-Outs'


"This retreat is not to be missed if you seek to take your relationship to a new deeper level of connection, communication, and spirituality." ~ Luke, Married 15 yearsmore

"The weekend provides an opportunity to focus on each other in ways we rarely do, and to view the gift of sexuality in a powerfully healthy way." ~ Bill, Married 40 yrs

"I have learned to be intentional to set time aside - time for love-making (not just intercourse) – where we prepare our hearts and minds for that time together. Within that time we are spontaneous and enjoy the moment wherever it leads us." ~ Leslie, Married 30 yr

"This retreat did a wonderful job of showing me what's been missing in my view of intimacy and sexuality. It's put our marriage on an upward trajectory and brought back some of that "honeymoon" feeling for us." ~ Shane, Married 19 yrs

"This retreat changed our marriage and I don't just mean our sex life. Truly, the way we interact with each other will never be the same." ~ Sarah, Married 4 yrs

"This was the best time and money I have ever spent on a vacation. We all like to get a good return on our investment. I can honestly say the lifelong return on this investment cannot be beat." ~ Zack, Married 6 yrs

"This retreat is something I wish I had done 20 years ago. The things you will learn about yourself, about your spouse, about your marriage, about intimacy, about God will blow you away and change your life for the better forever. Go!" ~ Angie, Married 20 yrs

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