Finding Your Happily Ever After: Free Webinar With Dr. Wendy

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No more settling! Learn how to date consciously and create the relationship of your dreams!

You've been disappointed in your relationships, and you're feeling discouraged about dating.  Don’t waste another day on someone who is not right for you, settling for less than you really want, or dating guys who are not good matches. If you really want a loving partner who is ideal for you, you need to learn the principles of conscious dating.

Being conscious means being aware of yourself, and the world around you, learning from your past, and being mindful of present and future possibilities.  When you're conscious about dating, you have a clear vision of your future, and you know what you want and need in a relationship.  You believe you can have the life and love you want, you get the support you need, and you have a plan to manifest the relationship of your dreams.

Most people go through at least one painful breakup or divorce before they realize that conscious dating is a good idea.  After twenty years of working with singles and couples, I've seen hundreds of people benefit from learning how to date and relate more consciously.  Before I learned and applied the principles of Conscious Dating to my life, I had disappointing relationships with fixer-upper boyfriends.  Now, I've been happily married since 2005 and my husband and I still adore each other (and our son and dog too).  

My clients share stories like this:  “Before working with Dr. Wendy, my relationships were dysfunctional and unfulfilling. During her Conscious Dating Course, I learned more about my needs and desires for a real-life partnership. After the course, I met the man of my dreams, now my husband, and he fits my vision like a glove. We are in awe at how accurately he fits my dream and needs. This stuff really works!” Mary C.

If you'd like to learn more, I invite you to join me for my free webinar: Finding Your Happily Ever After, where you’ll learn the 10 principles of Conscious Dating, I’ll go over your Conscious Dating Quiz score with you, and I’ll share the 3 essential steps to true love.  I look forward to seeing you on the webinar where you'll learn how to date consciously and find your happily ever after!

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Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Much love,
Dr. Wendy

Wendy Lyon, PhD, Psychology
Master Relationship/Life Coach
Best Selling Author with Deepak Chopra
Relationship Coaching Institute Mentor

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