3 Secrets To Success For Singles On Valentine's Day

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Practice these now and be done with dreading V Day!

Valentine’s Day can be a challenging time with pink and red hearts everywhere, reminding you that you don't have a Valentine this year.  If you’re single, you may want to hide under a rock until you’re safe from roses, chocolates and Hallmark cards. Rather than dread this time of year, use these three secrets to make it a great Valentine’s Day, and recommit to your most important relationship, the one with the person you’ll spend your entire life with…YOU! 

1.       Be your own Valentine.  This is your chance to give yourself some love.  What do you most enjoy? Walking in nature, doing yoga, dancing, singing, reading, shopping, cooking, eating a delicious meal, watching a movie, sitting in a hot tub, getting a massage or pedicure or going on an adventure?  What are you waiting for?  Give yourself permission to pamper yourself and relish every delicious moment!

2.       Connect with Loved Ones.  Just because you don’t have one special someone, doesn’t mean you don’t have MANY special someones.  Reach out to friends and family and let them know you care. Plan an activity you can share – a hike, a meal, a show, a game or simply a conversation.  Go out and have fun with a girlfriend - and just enjoy yourselves without needing to scout for a guy. Give your friend the gift of your attention and listen with an open mind and open heart.  You will be appreciated!

3.       Reflect and Reframe.  You can pause briefly from your busy life to journal, meditate and reflect on what you are grateful for.  Start with yourself, take away the judgment and give thanks for your amazing body that gets you around, your magnificent mind that makes sense of the world, and your remarkable spirit that shines bright despite challenges.  And now you can reframe: Rather than “Poor me, I don’t have a partner”, you can put your attention on what you DO have, and what you would like to create in your life.   You can choose to accept yourself and your life now, and to consciously create your next chapter.  What would you like next Valentine’s Day? 

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