3 Exercises For Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever!


Do these 3 exercises together and feel your love expand!

Here comes another Valentine’s Day, and you’re happy to have a sweetheart but perhaps you’re secretly longing for something more than flowers or chocolates.  How can you show your love in a more meaningful way, and have a deeper connection with your partner this year?  What if the two of you could have your most romantic Valentine’s Day ever?  Here are 3 easy exercises that you can do together to expand the love you share.

1.       Share Appreciations: What do value and appreciate about your sweetie? What do you love about him or her?  What do they do that makes you feel cared for? Your exercise is to each make a list of all the things you adore and appreciate about your partner.  Then share it slowly, out loud, one item at a time, making eye contact.  Your job as the listener is to receive this appreciation and let it in.  Take turns sharing your appreciations and don’t forget to thank your partner.

2.       Shared Journey: You are on a journey together.  Acknowledge how far you have come.  Perhaps there have been challenges along the way.  Identify and appreciate your progress on your path together.  Explore where you would like to go next.  What are each of your hopes and dreams for your future as a couple?  Take the time to design your shared vision.  In addition to talking and writing, you may want to create a collage together.

3.       Shared Rituals: What daily or weekly shared ritual or routine would you like to start doing to enhance your life and journey together?  You can design these rituals however you like – with physical, sensual or sexual affection, eye gazing, hand holding, love-making, massages, foot rubs, sharing loving words, sharing thoughts and listening deeply to each other, taking walks together, exercising together, reading out loud to each other, preparing and eating a special meal together, doing a project together or anything else.  The important thing is to connect with each other regularly and carve out special couple time for just the two of you.  

On your shared journey, you may encounter bumps in the road.  Perhaps you are holding resentments about past events.  Would you like to forgive and move forward together?  Perhaps there is something holding you back from fully trusting your partner.  Would you like to create more safety and trust in your relationship?  What if you each had permission to share anything, and you were committed to supporting each other fully?

Your relationship can be amazing! Make it a daily habit to express your love and commitment to your beloved, using whatever words or actions inspire you.  If you’d like support, tools and accountability on your couples journey, I’d like to talk with you.  Since 1999, I've helped hundreds of couples and singles to create great relationships.  As a Relationship Coach, Psychologist, mentor for the Relationship Coaching Institute and author of Roadmap to Success with Deepak Chopra, I'm committed to helping people transform their lives.  A few complimentary relationship mini tune-ups are available now.  See www.DrWendyLyon.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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