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I coach because I stayed in a relationship 9 years and 6 months longer than I should have, but you don't have to.  I believe that true love is a rare find, but one that every human being should experience, and I am committed to take both individuals and couples from struggle to snuggle. 

About Stephanie D. McKenzie

What. The. Love.

The name says it all, doesn’t it?

WhatTheLove™ offers energetic, entertaining, and educational individual and group coaching programs that are designed to remove the power and pain of bad relationships in your life, while giving singles and couples the tools to move from struggle to snuggle.

"I have been unofficially coaching people through their relationship frustrations, aspirations, and situations for years...now it's official, and I hope to have the privilege of being your relationship coach."

Coach Stephanie (but you can call her “Coach Steph”). Stephanie has completed her relationship, life and bereavement coaching certifications with ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified, World Coach Institute, and is both a Certified Relationship Coach (CRC) and Certified Professional Coach (CPC). In addition to her extensive experience in business and marketing, Stephanie is passionate about relationships, and the impact they have on our lives. Melding her two loves–business and relationships–she is currently working on a seminars for singles and couples using traditional business priniciples for modern dating, as well as other endeavors related to all things life and love.