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It takes just three things to turn your life around... Knowledge, Awareness and Simple Action!


Since 2006, America's Life Balance Expert™ Coach Ed McDonough has been empowering and inspiring others to personally evolve, find greater balance and create abundance in all areas of their lives. As America's Life Balance Expert, his mission is to empower people to raise the quality of their life through knowledge, awareness and simple action so they may experience joyful living at its finest. Coach Ed embraces a whole person approach. He encourages his clients to honor the connection between mind, body, and spirit, and helps them to energetically align, clear blockages, and create balance in all areas of their life. He guides his clients to live life with purpose because he knows when one lives authentically, one finds clear direction and will experience effortlessness as they move towards obtaining their goals, dreams and desires. Mr. McDonough's natural intuitive ability, along with his time-honored systematic coaching method, makes him a Personal Development Life Coach well versed in all areas of self improvement. His guidance and straight-forward approach comes from over half a century of hands-on real-life experience. After undergoing his own life transformation, Coach Ed set out on a mission to help other people transform their life while simultaneously realizing their true potential. Ed founded the parent company, Intuitive Life, in 2006 after becoming a Certified Dynamic Meditation Instructor. As his quest for enlightenment and true life balance continued, he became a Certified Qigong Instructor in 2008. In the same year, Mr. McDonough completed his studies and became a Certified Professional Coach. Coach Ed works with clients on an individual basis and he also leads groups and virtual-classes on a variety of personal development and life transformation subjects. Ed is the developer of the Life Energy Meditation workshop and the creator of Intuitive Qigong.

Success Stories

Improving Health, Setting Priorities, Eliminating Stress and Getting Organized

Men dealing with stress

Carl decided to partner with me at the end of his free, no-obligation "Balance Your Life" telephone coaching session.more

His health was in jeopardy, he was in the middle of starting two businesses and he was working full-time as a software consultant for a web-based development company.

His marriage was on the rocks, his personal energy was extremely low and he was afraid his life would come to an abrupt end if he didn't slow down and find balance in his life. He loved his wife and children and, more than anything else, wanted to be a great husband and father as well as be able to enjoy more time with his family.

Carl was completely driven by his work because he was holding onto the belief that his extreme efforts would soon payoff and he would get to reap the fruits of his labor. Unfortunately, his one-year plan was going into its third year, his health was declining and his family was seeing less and less of him.

When Carl and I first talked (on his free telephone consultation) I was able to show him how a repeated pattern in his life was causing him to sabotage himself. This pattern was making him work twice as hard as he should and bringing a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety into his life.

Through a simple little-known technique Carl was able to eliminate this pattern and become more productive; so much so that he was able to begin to spend more time with his loved ones.

In addition, because of his long work hours, Carl was neglecting his most important business asset; himself. Within a few coaching sessions, he was able to reprioritize his daily routine and schedule time to take care of himself both on a physical and mental level.

I explained to Carl, the only things he needed to bring lasting balance into his life were knowledge, awareness and simple action. Being a highly analytical thinker, he understood he must pay attention (awareness) to destructive patterns in his life, know what to do (knowledge) when he recognizes he is in the midst of one and have a plan (simple action) to help him eliminate it.

In no time at all, Carl was on the path to living a happier, healthier and balanced life. His level of stress went down, his work became more efficient and he returned to a good state of health.

Today Carl is a successful business owner, happily married and enjoying life with his family.

Life After Divorce

Women starting over

Ellen decided to partner with me because she was struggling to turn her life around after going through a hard divorce. She was out of work, not getting support from her ex-husband and feeling like the whole world was against her.more

While she was married, Ellen became a stay at home mom after many years of working in a high-level corporate position. She enjoyed living in a lovely home with various luxuries and vacationing all over the world several times a year with her children.

During her separation and early into her divorce, Ellen was promised she would be supported so she could remain at home to care for the children while they were young. After a short period of time, the agreement changed and Ellen found herself heading for a financial crisis.

Ellen and I meet when she was attending my Life Balance Group Coaching Workshop. At the time she was deeply depressed, emotionally strained and scrambling to make ends meet. She had been out of the corporate workforce for over 15 years, didn't have any hope of getting back into it and she was living on a very low budget.

She was forced to sell all of her sentimental possessions and take low paying jobs that would give her enough to put food on the table. Here ex-husband lost his job and she hadn't received support for him in over 2 years. Ellen was behind with all her bills and worried she'd soon be out on the street with her children.

As we began to work together, Ellen realized that with some simple planning and focused awareness she could turn her life around. She also realized she had a choice about where her life was going and she chose to release the past and move forward in life.

Ellen had also lost touch with her higher-self, her true inner-being, and became very emotionally strained by her circumstances. As we continued our journey together, Ellen quickly went from a state of depression and disappointment to a state of hope and optimism.

Using several time-honored techniques, I was able to help Ellen overcome her emotional imbalance and get on course to living a joyful, positive way of life. Taking one small step at a time, she found meaningful employment and regained control of her financial situation.

Her self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness increase tenfold and her personal energy was restored along with her vitality.

Today, Ellen supports her children on her own, shares a wonderful relationship with a successful gentleman and lives an inspired life full of fun and balance.

Moving Beyond Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence

Men starting over

Wayne came to me because he had very low self-esteem and self-confidence due to years of always looking at life from a negative perspective. When he came to me he was also experiencing great anger with himself because he was going through a divorce which he didn't want. In addition, his constant worrying and depression was making him physically ill.more

After his free, no-obligation "Balance Your Life" telephone coaching session, Wayne realized there was hope for him. He also understood, with simple action and the correct guidance, he could make his life better and regain is happiness.

During our first session, Wayne realized he had a choice: he could continue down the same path or look at his current situation as an opportunity to change his life for the better.

Taking one small step at a time, Wayne decided to take the opportunity to change his life. First, he realized he was the one responsible for the outcome of his life. In addition, he quickly learned that "like energy" attracts "like energy". The more he focused on keeping his attitude positive, the more his life became positive.

Early on in his coaching, Wayne experienced Satori, a sudden awakening; a knowing in his heart that he was meant to live a happy, healthy fulfilled life.

As he continued his coaching session week after week, his self-esteem and self confidence grew exponentially. He became happier, healthier, more positive and more alive than he had been in the past 25 years. He made a shift to a person who openly welcomes change into their life.

His transformation took him from a sad person with a bleak outlook who was full of anger and despair to a healthy, optimistic person who joyfully experiences every day of his life with his eyes wide open.

As Wayne's confidence grew, he adopted the "I can accomplish anything attitude". When our coaching began Wayne just started a new job which he was almost certain he would fail at due to his old negative behavior patterns. I helped him make the switch from focusing on why he may fail at the job to concentrating on what he could do be a huge success at his job.

The results were amazing. Not only did he quickly begin to implement ways he could be a success, he became the "go to" guy for solving problems and delivering "better than expected" results.

Today Wayne lives a wholesome, happier, healthier life full of confidence, harmony and balance.