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Author, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Sex Therapist, Speaker/Presenter

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We can learn intimate and pleasurable ways to touch and talk with a partner that feel more amazing than ever.

About Charla Hathaway, PhD

As a sexual empowerment coach, I teach men, women and couples how to touch, talk and play together in honest ways. I teach people how to touch so it feels safe, comfortable, and pleasurable. Students learn to listen to their bodies, respect and communicate their authentic erotic self.

All of us have felt shame around sex, been afraid we’re not normal, been too timid to express our desires. We can reclaim a positive and powerful relationship to our sexuality. We can learn to take back our bodies, sit squarely in the driver’s seat of our unique eroticism, gain confidence to be who we are, and stop going along with status quo mediocre or unwanted touch. Each one of us is capable of deciding how (or if) we share our body—and it can change an any moment.  Reclaiming our instinctive joy in the body goes deeper than words, we reprogram the body. 

As a mature woman, comfortable and wise in my body, I have taught thousands of students how to find out what they want, begin to trust it, honor it and communicate it. Where many had given up or were frustrated by sex, with my guidance students find sensual touch becomes safe, welcomed, fulfilling and spontaneous—ah, to get (or give) just what you want and nothing more!  Now you can relax and feel! You can grow erotic self-awareness, self-care and expression, find ease around sex, and fill your life with freedom and grace.   

I received a PhD in clinical sexology and certification as a Sexological Bodyworker from the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality. I’m a certified Surrogate Partner Therapist through the Institute for Mind Body Therapy.  I’m a Sacred Intimate and Tantra teacher from the Body Electric School. I authored Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal (available in 7 languages, Quiver Press), and 8 Erotic Nights: Sensual Encounters that Teach Great Sex for a LifetimeI offer an online intimacy course, 7EroticNights, with videos and personal weekly phone coaching. I see private clients and teach classes in Austin, TX, at BodyJoy.org and in Europe.

I’m grateful for the gifts aging brings to bodies and relationships. I feel more pleasure, curiosity and sensation in my 60’s than decades earlier. I find men are ready to slow up and want more intimacy, and women are ready to stop apologizing for and start trusting their instincts. I have worked with thousands of people in astonishing intimate ways. I invite you to reclaim your birthright to intimacy and pleasure.


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