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Career Coach, Counselor/Therapist

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“Compassionate, experienced help when you’re ready to create the life you want.”

About Ruthann Reim McCaffree

Most of the time you’re confident, successful and in charge of your life. You know how to manage and what to expect from yourself. You’re smart and you know what makes you happy. Then, life throws you a curve ball in the form of a BIG CHANGE. Maybe your spouse or best friend dies suddenly. Maybe you lose your job or learn you have cancer. Maybe you get a fabulous promotion in a distant city where you know absolutely no one. What you do to rebound and rebuild your life can be a long and painful process or it can be an opportunity to create a fresh, new life.

As a life transition counselor and coach I help individuals manage change with confidence and create the life they want. In almost three decades of assisting thousands of terrific clients, I have helped them find the information they need, make successful decisions and take effective action. We work to release internal beliefs that are holding them back and find guiding truths instead. Step upon step we build new beginnings. I can say with certainty that life can be transformed and new joy in life realized from personal experience as well. In 2003 my husband of almost 40 years died in a fall from a ladder at our home. From this personally overwhelming loss came my book, “Suddenly Single, A Guide For Rediscovering Life After Tragic Loss”, MP3 Version. It charts the path I took from the deep pit of despair back to solid ground. I have traveled the path from sadness to a life rebuilt and know that you can do it as well. Let me give you hope and the belief in your right to have happiness, love and success in your life.

As a change management consultant in the business world, I’m there for both managers and employees. The world of work is no stranger to stress. Are you baffled by how to work effectively with a co-worker? In your role as manager are you overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time or help? Is it time to close your business and you just can’t let go? I have worked with business clients in all these situations and have experience in getting to the heart of the challenge, finding the best solutions and inspiring appropriate action. Workplace decisions can be lonely and it is smart to enlist the objective help of someone who’s only goal is to help you be successful. Let me be that help.

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