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1-3 years


Basking Ridge NJ 07920 - United States



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Author, Consultant, Life Coach

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Everything we want in our lives lies just one inch beyond our limits...

About Akshay Nanavati

I am a trained coach by the ICF accredited program, Accomplishment Coaching and a NLP practioner. Additionally, I have been trained in the same methods of transformation used by Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. Combining these various methodologies, along with the book a week I read on neuroscience and psychology, allows me to create lasting shifts in not only my own life, but with those I work with as well.

I am also a Marine Corps veteran of the war in Iraq and a professional explorer, which means that I spend my spare time traveling the world, climbing mountains, scuba diving, crossing icecaps and jumping out of planes, among other things. These adventures have pushed me to my limits and the lessons I have learned from a life on the edge have further allowed me to support my clients in gaining unstoppable levels of confidence that drives actions and produces results.

I have also started two of my own businesses and as such I have learned the best modern day sales and marketing strategies on the planet from the best minds in the industry. People have literally paid tens of thousands of dollars for this information. I support my clients in growing their businesses using these methodologies for a fraction of that cost.

I help aspiring entrepreneurs create a life of freedom by getting out of their own way mentally and grow a business strategically using nothing but their knowledge and expertise to make an impact in the world.

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