Washington DC 20011 - United States

About Shannon Collier

Hello there! I am Shannon Collier! I am a holistic wellness professional trained in spiritual care, meditation, and massage therapy. I run Holistic Helping Hand (HHH) a small business that supports families and individuals looking for peace, balance and wellness. Open, honest communication; active self-awareness; a desire to learn and grow; and intention to be of service are shared professional and personal goals of HHH.


My Wellness Philosophy:

  • We are all personally responsible for our own health and well-being, and living well takes clarity, commitment, thought, education, planning, and effort.
  • Society shares a collective responsibility for our communal wellness via attitudes, interactions, priorities, and intentions.
  • Through informed choices, effort, active self-awareness, and shared respect we can all live healthy, happy, equitable lives.
  • Human beings are designed to be both active and restful. We are not designed to be sedentary.
  • Humans are designed to spend time outdoors. Doing so is beneficial for body, mind, senses and spirit, and connects us to the greater environment on which we all depend for our lives and livelihoods.
  • Exposure to and appreciation for the variety of religious, spiritual, philosophical, social, cultural and scientific perspectives provides opportunity for growth and learning.
  • Being human is a wild adventure. We are all in it together!