Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

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25 years +


Willington CT 06279 - United States



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Author, Medical Intuitive, Psychic/Medium, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Healer

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

...we are all made of ancient stardust.

About Laura Scott

Laura Scott is an award-winning Channel for Healing, Psychic, Akashic records expert & published author.

She’s been making a difference in the lives of thousands around the world for over 25 years as a world class Channel for Healing, spiritual teacher, maven & Seer that doctors, lawyers, professionals and celebs go to for her channeled Akashic wisdom, healing and compassion. She’s kind, funny, & RELATABLE. it’s a pure joy listening to her soothing voice, Light filled presence & wisdom packed words!

Laura has been tested and is rated as one of the top psychic mediums in the world…however she is so much more! She’s an expert in Akashic Records (your life themes, soul work, past lives, Universal Laws), and an accomplished Channel for Healing with the ability to channel Divine Beings to give her clients their best information for soul growth. She channels “The Committee,” a group of Ascended Beings and Masters who help to reframe our earthly struggles for us.

Some channels only receive information, while those like Laura are also wired to ‘lift off’ or move stressful, depleting energy from people, opening the doorway for further healing to come in. These are known as healing channels.

She’s authored many articles, including the global Ask Laura spiritual advice column & is featured on BestPsychicMediums.com. Her first book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Divining the Future was a treasure trove of tips & tools to identify and strengthen intuition. It introduced Laura’s Ancient Stardust Directional Cards© & the Ancient Stardust Tools for Change Journal©, powerful tools for understanding energy & strengthening intuition.

Creator of many CDs, and winner of a national award for Best Self Help Meditation CD of the Year, her popular downloadable products are dedicated to helping her clients live their best lives.

Laura answers your specific questions about whatever is on your heart during sessions—be it your past lives, soul work, holism, helping you thru grief, coping with past & present events or trauma, future navigation strategies, relationships, love, healing — Laura welcomes it all!  She loves helping others heal!  Her office is a safe space of non judgement. She is a #metoo survivor, a cancer survivor, and has a high ACE score. Laura spent 13+ years swimming with wild dolphins & sound healing in the Bahamas. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, CHLC and lover of holism.

Her private readings, distance clearings & healings, meditations & more helps those around the globe with wonderful reviews. Her radio & pod cast appearances leave listeners feeling personally touched by her healing presence. She’s been a repeat guest on Hay House Radio, Sirius XM, and many others.

Laura has been described as powerfully positive & inspiring, real, compassionate, wise, kind, insightful, connected, mesmerizing, mind blowing, and amazing!

Her healing presence and compassionate, kind uplifting nature have become the hallmark of her 25 plus years of professional experience...she has a light-filled compassionate presentation style where she delivers with captivating accuracy, wisdom and grace. Above all she always seeks to empower her clients.

Laura reads by phone appointment around the world, and does long distance healing & clearing work globally...her office looks forward to assisting you in getting on her schedule! 

Her website Ancientstardust.com is a treasure trove of her work, and love for humanity.

Laura Scott Success Stories

Heaven sent!


“Thank you so much Laura, you are Heaven sent to be here on Earth for all that you help so tremendously.” ~ Eric

Forever grateful...


“Thank you, for being part of my life and part of my souls journey! You have made a difference more than you know. You will always be in my prayers and may God continue to guide you in the spiritual gifts he has blessed you with. ~ Robert

Helped in the past and present


“You have helped me—as in the past you have helped me—today you have helped me incredibly as much, if not more! I mean I was just floating out there on the waves not knowing where to go. Many kudos to you! You are fabulous! You really are! I am so happy for you that you are able to give us what we really need and look for, so THANK YOU so much!!! Thank you!” ~ Mary

Distance Healing Success


“…responding miraculously to Laura’s distance healing syncing sessions. It’s like a storm that’s being calmed or wild animal being tamed. Something mysterious at work for which we are tremendously grateful.” ~ Hawaii



“I couldn’t sleep last night writing my questions, getting ready for this. I heard my recordings of 2014...2016 I took notes over and over again. Every time it inspired me. I would use it when I was feeling down. I would use it as my prophetic messages, and I thought of how you said to stand on my integrity and it gave me courage every time I felt like giving up.” ~ Grateful in NY

Helping a family heal


“We know Laura’s works on the deepest energetic and spiritual healing levels. Our family has experienced that.” ~ From the Heart