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25 years +


Studio City CA 91604 - United States



Additional Expertise

Author, Health Coach, Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Coach, Wellness Coach



I Believe

As a practicing psychic, healer and metaphysical clinician for over 25 years, I believe everything happens for a reason. After 18 years on radio as a psychic, I continue to help people open up their abilities, heal their soul and guide them into the future with my abilities. Everything happens for a reason.

About Dr. Linda Salvin

Evolving from my earlier life as an epidemiologist and environmental health specialist to become a pioneer of “psychic radio, I have helped thousands of people via the airwaves and private practice. My life is proof that sometimes God and the universe have higher purposes for us than we can originally envision. I’ve been known throughout my career as the “#1 radio psychic” and also a “psychic’s psychic” who reads for others and helps people awaken to their gifts. Since earning my Ph.D in Metaphysics, I have fused my medical background and spiritual gifts as a metaphysical clinician, helping people with a unique approach that draws on science and spirit, the physical and esoteric. 

In January 1957, I was outside playing. Upon hearing a loud crash in the sky, I looked up to witness two planes collide in mid-air. Those planes killed two children on a junior high playground.  It was the same plane crash which haunted Richie Valens until the day he died in a plane crash. I went into shock for about 9 months.

The road to my ultimate spiritual destiny began on February 17, 1981, when 24 years after witnessing two planes collide, I was in a much-publicized plane crash at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. I heard a voice. Ninety minutes prior to the crash, I had had a premonition of the exact spot the plane would crack in half - and felt 50 feet out of my body for over four months. 

I was on company business when the plane crashed. The following year, my car was hit by a fire truck on my way to an interview in public health.  I totaled my car and had the white light experience in 1984. The voice said, “You can come with now or stay and do…”  I was given a message.  I stayed.  When the paramedics extracted me, I screamed, “They want me off the planet, they want me off the planet!” and drove me to UCLA ER.  No one understood my insights, pleas or experiences back then. 

My life since the plane crash 39 years ago is full of coincidences, acts of God, miracles and messages.  I believe we are all a part of the big spirit in the sky. We all walk in unison if we just stop, watch and observe. This is not about religion.  That’s man made. Spirituality just is…The birds, trees, people, stars and energy…it’s all about Love.


Dr. Linda Salvin Success Stories

Great to see all your talent and work come together!

Hi, Linda! Just checked out your awesome website, and listened to your show tonight, it's great to see all your talent and work come together in such a professional way. And now you're going into national syndication! Congratulations! I remember how much native communication and healing ability you had when you first worked for me at KBIG, and I'm really proud of how much you have progressed and accomplished in the ensuing years. They say at some point the student becomes the master, and I can honestly say that in your case it's true! Anyway, I like what you are doing with your listeners, your presence on the air, and the whole spectrum of services you display on your website! Congratulations again to my great radio protege! Best, Fred Missman, Creative Director KZLA Radio, Los Angeles

Linda's abilities stretch beyond 'normal'

Every now and then, we stumble across someone whose abilities stretch beyond what we consider normal. Linda Salvin mixes her powers with her entertaining sense of humor to create infectious appointment radio. David Bernstein, veteran radio programmer and consultant.

Our Resident Psychic

Linda, I really appreciate you being our resident "psychic"...it's a great addition to the Breakfast Club. Sincerely, Donna Kelly 107.9 WNCT-FM Greenville, NC