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6-10 years


Newburyport MA 01950 - United States



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Energy Healer, Relationship Coach, Sex Educator, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Sacred Temple Arts Motto's: Choose Pleasure As A Way Of Life! Sex Is About Energy, Not Effort! Don't Just Be A F***er, Become A Master Lover!

About Sacha Fossa

I'm Sacha. I am a Sexual Awakener & Healer…

committed to expanding your energy and consciousness, for you to love yourself, and your body, for your erotic empowerment and liberation!

While having the most Pleasure possible!

My life’s work focuses on sexual empowerment and healing through holistic sex coaching, education, sacred sexuality, and healing arts. These are the pathways I use to reclaim my body, my power, my joy. I can help you, too.

Isn't it time you empowered and freed yourself sexually, and otherwise?

Sacred Temple Arts, as not only a body of work, but a way of life, arose out of my academic and experiential studies and research, as well as my personal healing process.

My Healing Journey…

began at a young age, and led me to reclaiming me, and to helping you reclaim your natural sexualness, your essence, your juicy orgasmicness.

In experiencing trauma, such as: severe mother wounding, familial abandonment, sexual assaults and rapes, I came to eventually suffer from C-PTSD.  

This led to my deep studies in spirituality, world religions, and healing arts therapies (over 20 certifications in). I researched personally, and within academia, additionally: female adolescent development, women’s and spiritual studies, and ancient and modern Goddess cultures. Part of my mission is about empowering and healing our often wounded adolescence. Let's face it, none of us got any kind of decent sex, and/or relationship, education. How did this play out for you? 


My passion isn’t just for AMAZING SEX, it’s also for EPIC PARTNERSHIP(S).

Most of my life, I was confused and dismayed by how men typically reacted to me, and my intimate and sexual interactions with them often left me feeling dishonored. I embarked on a highly valuable, and lifelong venture, of researching men, too, as a result. I wanted to know how healthy relationships, and partnerships, between the sexes, could exist and evolve. 

I committed to getting the best education I could on how to understand men, understand women, and how to have healthy partnerships. I’ve been studying with the best love and relationship masters, for over a decade, ongoing.

Sex As Sacred? 

It was in my mid 20’s, that my tantra adventures, and practice, began. I came across a workshop promoting “Sacred Sexuality”. It was an irrevocable turning point. My total immersion into this field led me through my greatest sexual healing, and transformation, back to more of the real me. Tantra first taught me how to reclaim my body, power, and life, through pleasure.The practice of Sacred Spot Massage was a primary piece in this work.

For my Masters degree, in Health Arts and Sciences, I wrote my dissertation on female pleasure and sexual healing, through the Neo Tantric technique of Female Sacred Spot Massage Ritual. I documented the extraordinary healing possibilities for women, that I live and teach. This work expands into the healing and empowerment for the masculine, as well.

I have been studying sacred sexuality, and holistic healing arts, through countless trainings and schools for almost 2 decades. This included becoming an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator (ACTE through Source Tantra).

My latest and greatest studies have been almost two years of delving into Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint™ courses, and trainings, to become a licensed and Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™. 

My depth of study and training in the fields of sex and intimate relationships has been to heal my greatest sexual, intimate and relationship wounds, and to help others to do so as well. Experiencing more embodied awakening, sexual energy and love, without and/or with a partner(s), is possible.


                                                                     To be the Best Lover, we must be our own first.                                                                                                                  Our primary relationship is always with ourselves.

In working with me as your coach, we will explore what your Best Sex & Love Life Vision is, and how to get you there safely, consensually, with integrity, and with the most amount of fun possible! 

Please visit my website sacredtemplearts.com, and contact me for a complimentary consultation!

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