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Treating myself as if I were my own lover, friend, neighbor, child, spouse is one way of creating a balance in my life and not leaving me out of getting attention-love that I need. I whine less, too.

About TZiPi Vivien Radonsky

TZiPi Radonsky, The Vavnik rebbe​, co-founder of The Society of the Vav, and Watering the Tree Outside the Fence Foundation

TZiPi is a traveling rabbi with a virtual congregation meeting spiritual companions from around the world.   Her primary Kavannah-intention is to heal the world one heart at a time. As a life long learner, she is gaining knowledge through her experiences and curiosity as a student of mindfulness, in her meditation practice and as a leadership coach, rabbi, writer and artist. 

Through her soul’s journey she is learning how to take down the fence around Hebrew Wisdom while sharing the depth and beauty and joy of her cultural heritage with the world.  She is inspired by the Lamed Vavniks, 36 mystical hidden ordinary righteous human beings, who at any given moment live in service of The Breath of All Life by keeping the balance of good in the world. They intention is to be mending the hurts and tears in the universe.  Building partnership and creating allies inspires her life from a core belief of interconnectedness and interdependence. She is a board member of Interfaith Advocate, Inc.

TZiPi has published; The Spiritual Pilgrim Discovers Home: Developing a sense of guest consciousness, a memoir journal of her solo year long travels around the world, as well as AND: Building a World of Connection through Mystical Jewish Wisdom based on her blog, the Society of the Vav and her mission to “de-but” the world

Learn more about your self and TZiPi at her web sites: rebtzipi.com and thesocietyofthevav.com.

And she sends out a monthly newsletter, asking people to pause and breathe and be present in the moment based on her meeting a Japanese spiritual group in India who pray for peace each 7th of the month.

TZiPi has Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the Medical College of Georgia, a Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Florida and a Doctorate in Counselor Education from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. She received a private laying-on-of-hands, smicha, ordination as a rabbi in 2005.

TZiPi is the mother of two amazing daughters in relationship with two devoted husbands, grandmother of four perfectly happy grandchildren and one great granddaughter. She lives on Lady’s Island in Beaufort County, South Carolina.

TZiPi Vivien Radonsky Success Stories

Your book has touched my soul


TZiPi, My friend. And now – for this time, however long it may last – my guide.

When I bought your book a few years ago I brought it home and read a few pages. Then a few more. I liked it. But it did not call to me. So, I read a few more passages. And then, with intention to read more, I put it down and did not pick it up again.

Until the beginning of February. Now, with this the last day of February, it is a good time to tell you thank you. I purchased a book with 365 days of meditations/reflections. I didn’t like it. And until I could get to Barnes and Noble to pick up another, I picked your book up again. I have to wonder how it made it through a move (where I down sized) and happened to find its way to my living room when so much that I did save ended up in boxes. I don’t question it. I know why.

Your book reads differently to me now. It speaks to me in ways that lift my wings and energize my heart. I can hear your voice in the passages after which I hear mine repeating. Grasping, considering, understanding, welcoming, 

Here and Now


There are thousands of books of wisdom, meditation, and philosophical musings available today, but ......I mean, "and"...., few of them combine the visual with the intellectual and emotional as does this book. Overflowing with sensuous photos and exuberant drawings, (most by the author), "And" provides countless mini-feasts for dipping into and savoring.

While most books of wisdom speak from an authoritative voice of having reached enlightenment or at least a higher perspective ("here's what it looks like from up here and here's how you can achieve that as well"), Radonsky allows us an honest and personal look into the journey itself. "Here's what it's like to learn these lessons." "Here's what I've had to experience to grow to this point." And she does so, not to present herself as the model, but rather to make us companions on her journey.

And if you just have to see her photos and drawings in color, go to her blog site and feast some more!

A great Delight


AND allowed me to develop an intimate "friendship" with a heart-sister and fellow spiritual traveler who's asking many of the same questions that occur to me. How do I live a life of purity and devotion, the journal entries implicitly ask, and affection and good humor and unceasing joy? To these questions the author brings insights from a particularly luminous and thoughtful form of Judaism; from her long-time Buddhist practice; and from her tendency to be vividly alive to G!d in whatever form. The result is an accumulating pile of small gems that continue to wink brightly in my memory. Long after I think I've closed the book for the last time, I continue to open it at random to visit again with this wise and wonderful "friend."

A Gift


A book not to be read through like a novel. A book that is is a gift to be reached for when you are looking
for answers within. And when you want to know there is someone who is willing to share their life with you
and guide and bless you. It sits on my night table like a friend who is always there for me to help me when
I doubt, when I need clarity.

A Potent blend of Experience & Insight

In her book AND, Building a World of Connection Thought Jewish Mystical Wisdom, Reb TZiPi Radonsky shares a five-year journey into her sage-ing years, offering the reader a potent blend of her experience and insights as both a rabbi and a professional executive coach. It feels like a privilege to enter the writer’s intimate thoughts as she makes naked her all-so-human fears and vulnerabilities. Her writing can sometimes be stream-of-consciousness, soaking the reader in a felt sense more than a linear experience. Radonsky brings us right into the struggles and joys of learning to walk our talk. One might say it is a treatise on learning the power of self-love and the “blessings of being awake.”

Very Quotable


Reading Tzipi Radonsky's "And" is a combination of feeling affirmed as our own private thoughts are articulated and being blessed by another perspective on looking at life and values. As I was reading I kept thinking--now that's a great quote. The whole concept of "and" instead of "but" changes the way we look at the world. It makes sense. It's positive. It give us control. And the best part is that this book is so readable, authentic and personal as Tzipi shares her own journey. It works as a book to sit down and read through or to keep picking up and taking one pearl of wisdom at a time.

TZiPi, the Vavnik rebbe, is a gift to the world.


This book is an invitation about healing and an inward journey building a world of connection.
She lifts the veil of aloneness and steps into the Mystery of Life and moves us from a “me to we” experience.
I loved the poem Being and one of my favourite quotes is “circumcised your heart”.
Brilliantly, lovingly and authentically she shares her life of questioning and listening and reflecting which leads us to an understanding that inclusion is not just a word it is a practice.
I became your companion and deeply connected through your travels and was gifted in the knowing that I am never alone.

praise for coaching


TZiPi, words cannot even begin to express how grateful i remain for your cogent council and advice over the past 9 months. It has been extremely beneficial for me both professionally and personally. i consider myself lucky and more over blessed to be in your presence and under your tutelage. I don't subscribe to coincidences and i know this was meant to be. thank you,