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10 years +


Cleveland OH 44106 - United States



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Counselor/Therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

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Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

"If you're going to be anything, be genuine." I have found this statement to be profound, but also true in most every aspect of life. People who can embrace themselves for who they are tend to be happier people. This goes for all aspects of life ... Relationships ... Family ... Sexuality ... Friendships ... Individual Identity ... Spirituality. There isn't an area it doesn't touch. I try to incorporate honest genuineness throughout my sex therapy practice. Holding back tends to stifle instead of promote growth. This is absolutely the opposite of what I wish to encourage in both my practice and personal life.

About Ashley Grinonneau-Denton

I am dually licensed as a Supervising Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC-S) and Independent Marriage and Family Therapist (IMFT).  I am also a nationally certified Sex Therapist through AASECT, and a PhD candidate in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I have extensive training in individual, relationship-based, and sex therapy approaches and treat a wide variety of clinical concerns, but specialize in couples relational issues. Other issues I treat include general anxiety and depression, sexual abuse and trauma, maternal/postpartum depression, self-esteem and body image concerns, focusing on the couples relationship during child-bearing years, as well as helping women and men to gain assertiveness and self-empowerment in reference to socially constructed pressures and insecurities.  I specialize in treating sexual health concerns as a sex therapist first and foremost. Included in these issues are sexual dysfunction in both men and women, sexually problematic behaviors, sexual fetishism, sexually compulsive behaviors across the lifespan, pelvic pain, infertility, infidelity, and gender identity exploration (in both adults and adolescents).  I am a LGBTQA friendly therapist and I am open to working with individuals from all walks of life, races, spiritual/religious affiliations, and cultural identities.

Whether the challenges you are facing pertain to your relationship with yourself, your partner, and/or friends and family members, my uniquely provocative approach is designed to help you traverse life's most complex challenges.  I am not a "smiler and a nodder." So if you are looking for that kind of therapist I am NOT your girl :-) It is my personal and professional philosophy that life's challenges are best navigated by facing the storms of life head on, in a genuine way.  If you are looking for a candid, multiculturally-sensitive, and down-to-earth therapist, you HAVE come to the right place.

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