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25 years +


Boulder CO 80301 - United States



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Author, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

Are you tired of the constant, underlying agitation? If you desire more peace in your life; if you long to calm the noise in your mind; if your relationships are suffering, and if your body is reacting to stress by becoming physically ill, I can help. I will welcome you to my safe, warm and healing environment. It will be ok, I am waiting for you.

About Jules Alvarado

Jules Alvarado is an internationally recognized author, speaker and psychotherapist who focuses on holistic healing from the anxiety and stress of our lives today.

Depression, grief and loss, our past traumas and the frantic pace of life can become crippling unless we develop the capacity to use these experiences for our own conscious evolution. Jules teaches you how to do this.

Every life is made up of the light and the dark, the happy and the sad, the vital and the deadening. How you think about and react to these experiences and rhythm of moods makes all the difference. Together we will think about and create new responses to the stress in your life. You are not alone.

Through Emotional Regulatory Healing, her paradigm of recovery, the goal is to teach people how to be kind, gentle, understanding and patient. With a deep understanding of how trauma and stress diminishes compassion she offers effective ways for us to reconnect to all parts of ourselves, and to provide the safe, emotional connections with others for which we all long. At the intersection of ancient wisdom in healing and recent findings in neuroscience we find our way to peace.

Jules provides private, healing sessions for individuals, couples and families in her Boulder, Colorado office; and internationally by Skype and phone.

She frequently provides highly inspirational Key Notes for places of worship, corporations and leadership groups. As the president and Sr. Clinical Consultant of Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group, she offers neuroscience based, mindful and trauma informed consultation for state departments, judicial branches, agencies, and families internationally.  Her dynamic and moving engagements bring an audience to tears and laughter time after time.  Real – life and meaningful examples of recovery from her own abuse, and as a foster parent, mother of four, and president of a successful consulting and coaching practice has proved empowering to audiences and private clients from around the globe as they gain specific strategies geared toward increased peace in their work settings, homes, and lives. Please visit me at www.alvaradoconsultinggroup.com

Jules Alvarado Success Stories

Jules encourages healing through loving kindness


"This is the most challenging youth I have worked with in my 12 years of being a foster administrator. This child had seen dozens of placements in her short life.  Even over the last two years, she has been failed by therapist after therapist; she has been through five of them, and none has been helpful. Even the school system claimed they didn’t know what to do with this child, because of her challenging behavior.  We were dealing with multiple charges for assault, property destruction, criminal mischief….expulsions…you name it.  Behavior continued to be dangerous, and risky, and I was unsure if we would be able to hold on much longer.  I had no answers.  My foster mom, the child, the system, and even myself- were at a crossroads.  We had to do something differently, and fast, or this youth would be in a facility again, and likely until adulthood.more

We were finally successful in getting Jules on board. I have known of her work for a decade or more, and have seen her in action in
her trainings- I even arranged for her to be the keynote speaker for Navajo Nation, who I was working with at the time (because I believe in her so much). Jules provided an in home intensive for my foster mom and “our kid”, then subsequent phone coaching and individual sessions in her office. It was not easy work. The dynamics that had been in place between mother and daughter to this point were entrenched- there was a lot of resistance from both. But that did not deter Jules. She kept with them. She brought me in as a support. I have NEVER seen a professional of her stature be so up close and personal- so present…so available…I really did not know it was possible.  But there she was- and at the end of only a month, I am witness to a TREMENDOUS change for the better in both foster mom and foster daughter.  For the first time I have hope that we can make this work-I can’t explain what she does, except  to say that you have to hear her-  see her with your own eyes.  I was there for a 4 hour in-home intensive and saw the genuine compassion that she extended to my family. She is PRESENT. She has the capacity to encourage healing through loving kindness. She is not daunted by even the toughest cases. Her knowledge is vast and I consider her to be at the top of her field. 

She loves- and lives-the healing work that she does. I truly don’t know if there are many others (if any!) out there like Jules- and I have seen a lot of professionals in my years. I believe in Jules 100%.  ~ Kerri H, Colorado Springs, CO

Healing for our Vets


“Two tours in Iraq, one in Afghanistan and a brutal experience with my own VA office led me to Jules Alvarado. I found her book (The Quest for Peace) to be a source of comfort and support as I made my way back to the civilian world. But it was her coaching over a year that literally saved my life. Weekly, I discovered a place of safety and acceptance and developed the ability to move back into past relationships and to create some new ones. I knew the meds were not helping but needed some ways to calm my nerves and to reconnect to my kids. I cannot recommend her any more strongly than I am. The VA way of helping, did not help me. At first I didn’t have confidence in telephone calls, but after the first few I felt a shift and today, two years later, I still call when I need a pep talk.” ~ Jorena O, OR

Transformative is what she is

Couples in crisis

My husband and I came to Jules as a last, and I mean very last resort.The amount of pain and suffering that we were causing each other was literally killing us and our family. Our children were angry and resentful. Jules was clear, confident and knowledgeable. She didn't waiver in her approach and we knew after the first session that we could not pull anything with her, she somehow sees through the veil of anger, right to the fear. She has an intuitive and knowing sense about her that I have not experienced before and she always made me feel safe. When we hated each other and ourselves, she held hope.more

One of the most important parts of therapy with Jules were the very specific exercises that we did together and that we did between sessions. They made sense, they actually helped unlike most 'homework' that other therapists has given us. We are a year out of therapy and nothing is perfect, but we are together, we want to be together and we continue to work on our family now as a unit. I know myself in ways I could not have imagined before meeting Jules.

I can't recommend her highly enough. Regardless of who you are, what you need and what you long for, Jules can help. Just go, once and you will see.

Chris and Jean S. Lafayette, CO

Divine Femenine Me

Women seeking spiritual guidance

When Jules asked if I would write a recommendation, I immediately said yes. How could I not? Because of her, I love me, I like me, I AM ME. Because of her safety and acceptance of all of me, I found me and discovered parts of my SELF that I had no idea were even there. There were sessions that I couldn't speak, all I could do was cry. There were sessions where I was so angry, even at her, for s--- from my past that I thought would kill me. Her 'presence' is healing all by itself. She is so gifted and spiritual.more

Who would have thought that I could learn to take my darkest nights and from them become a better version of me? JULES did, that is who.

If you think no therapy will help, if you have been to so many and paid so much money that you want to quit, I get it. I was there. Then, I found Jules. You should too. ~ Pam G. Bowen, Golden, CO