Anxiety Issues

Years in Practice

6-10 years


London LND WC1A2BP - United Kingdom



Additional Expertise

Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter

I Practice in

Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

Be who you want to be. Tapping into your authentic self and that well of authentic motivation will positively propel you towards achieving your goals.

About Diane Beck

As a busy therapist and coach with thousands of hours of one-2one experience, I'm privileged to help my clients transform their own lives using Hypnosis, Havening, NLP and other therapeutic tools.

I am a lucky lady, I really do love my job which came almost by accident! I achieved success as a theater and TV actress with a training at RADA and 20 years experience. All I remember was peering through the legs under a table - staring at the surrounding RSC audience.  Above me, a Shakespearean scene was unfolding and under the table another scene was taking place - my terror and phobia, waiting for the moment I was to appear, the claustrophobia was unbearable. The two other actresses often holding me there for fear I would run out, ruining the effect being created. A nightly occurrence, this on stage turmoil spread through other performances and finally I was left with debilitating anxiety and stage fright.  I needed a solution.

After years of misdirection, I finally encountered a 'way out' that literally changed my life for the better. This way out was something called NLP Hypnosis and TFT. I since trained in all of those effective techniques and many more. They made such rapid changes it was the equivalent to a magic wand. Now, I want to share this wealth of knowledge with you to help you, to hopefully inspire you. My passion for helping clients extends to you on this platform. I hope to share, through perspectives and experience, ways to overcome and be who you want to be!