Years in Practice

6-10 years


Maccan NS B0L 1B0 - Canada



Additional Expertise

Divorce Recovery Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach, YourTango Expert Partner

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Blissful Thrivers are so busy creating their future, they have no time to think about the past.

About Susan Ball

Susan Ball is the founder & CEO of Broken to Blissful™. She is an author and sought after international speaker, sharing her message of building joy on the journey from victim to survivor to thriver. She brings her experience, insights, and proven strategies to her work much to her clients’ delight.

In a nutshell, Susan helps women heal. Whether a woman is in need of support following a divorce or toxic relationship or recovering from an abusive relationship, Susan welcomes everyone and works with them using the tools and concepts from her ground-breaking book: Courage and Grace, From Broken to Blissful, The Journey of Building Joy During Your Recovery From Abuse

Susan is a regular contributor to LifeGrid, Huffington Post, and Thrive magazines. She lives joyfully ensconced with her soul mate, off the grid, snug at Tiny Wrecky House on Canada’s Atlantic coast.

Susan Ball Success Stories

I Stepped Out of My Fear

"Susan has helped me through very difficult times with very complicated issues and has understood exactly what I was going through and gave me real solutions to get me out of the "hole" I was stuck in and onto a bright, open path. I think of her often when things arise and I find I am able to deflect, be firm, clear and effective and people appreciate that. "Drop the drama." I am grateful. I can rejuvenate. I will Thrive."more

A. Jones, Nova Scotia

Freeing my Voice

I still had to deal with my ex for visitation and it resulted in horrible fights. Susan gave me the tools to manage communications which made everything so much nicer for the kids. I cannot thank her enough for what she did for my family and her encouragement to be courageous and free my voice to express my needs effectively.

A. DeSousa, New York

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