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“Ready to start doing everything you wish you were doing? Looking to finally keep your New Years Resolutions? I can teach you how to make the goals in your life the habits of every day living without stress, procrastination or excuses. It's time to get your goals out of your head and into your life! You may be feeling stuck or thinking change is too hard or scary. If you're ready to start working on your ideas, not just think about them, let me help get you out of that rut and into the life you really want. You may be feeling like you don't have any more time, energy or space in your life for your "to do" lists, "things I should be doing" or "I've always wanted tos". I can teach you how to stay motivated and do much more without the added stress. I teach people how to de-stress, stop procrastinating and stay motivated while we work on healthy habits and happy living. If you're ready to re-energize and start winning all those private battles in your life, call me. I offer a FREE, 20 minute face to face consultation.”


Cheri Augustine Flake is Atlanta’s “Stress Therapist.” She believes that creating healthy habits is the key to stress reduction and happy living and has made this the focus of her private practice. Cheri teaches her clients and workshop attendees how to work on establishing long-term change and healthy habits without without stress, procrastination or excuses. Cheri works with clients not only to generate motivation but to sustain motivation for the long-term. 

“Once you have mastered staying motivated, and have a good understanding about how your brain works to help you meet your goals, you can begin the fun, rewarding work of making the tasks toward your goals habitual. When something has become a habit, you don’t think about it or ruminate about it anymore. It’s just a part of who you are. This means that you are working on whatever you want to change and however you want to grow every single day, while honoring your true self.”

Cheri is currently working on her forthcoming book entitled,
If I Know What I Should Be Doing Then Why Won’t I Just Do It?:
How To Make The Goals in Your Life The Habits of Every Day Living.