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Radomir has been married since 1975 and has known his now wife, Antoinette since 1969 when they both were in their early twenties. They have a wonderful daughter Diana who is presently studying Psychology at JFK University in California, U.S.A.

Besides having a very happy and satisfying marriage, Radomir is also a Founder and Director of a successful coaching firm DDC Global where he uses the previous training in communication and team work to incorporate it in his current practice of coaching individuals in their relationships as well as training organizations in forming "championship" teams.

A passionate interest in the workings of human nature, as well as his vast experience in working and communicating with people in different environments - He has worked in the United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, Kuwait, and the United States - has naturally led him to his present vocation.

DDC Global operates from Los Angeles where Radomir has lived with his wife and daughter since 1981.

As a business, professional and personal coach, Radomir is highly committed to his clients' being at their best at all times and in any circumstances. He sees no option for success, but to "manifest your best."

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