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Characterized by a compassionate spirit, keen insight and gentle humor, Kathy thrives on walking along side her coaching clients on the often otherwise isolated professional and life journey. “When I talk with people, I can see their potential and their possibilities sometimes with much greater confidence than they do!” I use our time together to help people clarify their goals and dreams, to develop a plan and strategies to reach it and finally to overcome the barriers that have held them back previously. Great coaching is drawing success from within the person to the outside for them and the world to see!


Kathleen P. King, EdD,major areas of coaching include professional development, transition coaching, business coaching coaching and faculty coaching. Kathy has extensive experience across several careers culminating in many years of working with adults as they seek to change their lives in positive ways. She has formal credentials as a coach, and also academic background as a adult education expert. Dr. "Kathy" King works as a coach through her consulting group, Transformation Education LLC. In addition to coaching, being president of the gorup, and she is also a fulltime professor of education in NYC. Her research includes change process, adult development, professional development, transformative learning, diversity issues, coaching, training, distance learning, and career and technical education. She is an award winning author (17 books), popular keynote and conference speaker, editor, mentor, and consultant. She has been recognized for her research, service, and contribution to the fields of research and publication, and technology innovations in learning. Kathy earned her Ed.D. and M.Ed. from Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania. She also has a M.A. from Columbia International, Columbia, SC and a B.A. from Brown University, Providence, RI. You can find much more detailed information and reach her directly through her website: www.TransformationEd.com/coaching

Success Stories

Building and Reaching A New Professional Image

Women dealing with work related stress

Background Dilemma:more


Marie contacted me when she had been seeking to transition to a more stable career. It was during the current financial crisis (2009) and not an easy thing to do during this time. However in our initial discussion I could tell some of immediate problems were finding direction for her new small business.


Marie has extensive experience and skills across several areas and this fortunate situation had a downfall. It made it difficult for her to see her way to a clear vision. Working with me via phone and remote computer, we quickly identified her goals, and began to chart a course to acheive those.


The need:

This was a terffic case of the ability being there, and the support of an insightful and empathetic coach to draw out them out from within the client was what was needed.


At thhis point, we continue to meet about every other week.



Marie has told me several times how her sessions with me moves her much more quickly through the process than when she works alone. From her perspective: The keys are the coach's experience and willingness to provide support, and my focus on building goal setting skills and  accountability practices.