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For over 25 years, I have helped people be the best they can be through my coaching, training, seminars,speaking engagements and writing and this has allowed me to be the best I can be. My purpose and passion are helping others and so I get to play every day. Remember, you cannot give your best, if you are not at your best! So, allow me to help you and we can take this journey called life together. May you be blessed always and in all ways!


I have been helping people be the best they can be for over 25 years now. I was "coaching" way before it became a modern, popular catch phrase. I have served in many leadership positions from the U.S. Army to the owner of a some very successful businesses and I have always had the attitude that you were only as good as those who worked with you and it was my responsibility to ensure they were growing in positive ways, both personally and professionally. My basic philosophy is "You cannot give your best, if you are not at your best"

Success Stories

Helping Alice Rediscover Alice

Women starting over

A few years ago, a friend of mine came to me and asked me if I would be willing to talk to her friend, I will call her Alice, who was really lost and seeking someone who could help her rediscover her passion and purpose.more


I told her to have Alice call me to make an appointment for an initial consultation.


I met with Alice and we had a long discussion about her life, where she had been, where she thought she wanted to go. She explained that she felt like she had wasted the last 10 years of her life. Bad jobs, bad relationships and bad decisions. I explained to her that as a Life Coach, I helped my clients in moving forward. I was not a therapist or counselor and as such I really did not dig deep into the past aspects of her life.


However, with Alice, I did feel that there was something she needed to uncover that was holding her back from moving forward and so I said to her that there could have been a serious of events that led her to where she was today or it could even be just one decision, one experience and/or one person that she interacted with that did it. I followed up by telling her that no matter what it was, it all still came down to choices that she has made.


We spent the next couple of hours talking about her life, while I asked her probing questions to help her get to the core issue. Then came the "aha" moment, when she discovered exactly what got her on this path. It all came down to one decision she had made to quit school and run off with her boyfriend at the time. From that moment forward, her life simply spiraled out of control and each susequebnt decision led her farther from who she was and what she truly wanted to do with her life.


I took Alice on as a client and in the next 9 months, she went back to school to study visual arts, got a job that she loved with a major retailer designing ads and even started a relationship with a new man, who treated her well.


The last time we spoke, which is about two months ago, Alice informed me that she had graduated with her degree in Visual Arts and had been hired fulltime by the retailer where she had worked parttime while going to school. She and her boyfriend were still together and making wedding plans and for the firts time in at least 10 years, she felt like she was living the life she was supposed to live.